Marathon & Runner Essentials for Proper Foot Care

With warmer temperatures on the way, more folks are gearing up to take their fitness outdoors and compete in running events. As RRCA coaches, we want to stress the importance of proper foot care when training. Outside of purchasing the proper running shoes and socks,  runners should have other essential accessories to help you preform and recover like a pro. Check out some of Monisha‘s favorite running accessories.


Toe Separators


This product is good for stretching the muscles toes and also taking relief off of bunions after a hard run or hard day’s work. Right when I started running, I was told by a foot specialist that I had weak arches. She suggested a list of stretches and also recommended I get some toe separators to stretch my toes. I usually wear them for five minutes. 



There are a few different kind of toe separators that are out on the market. The ones that I have are made by Flex-Tastic. They’re not uncomfortable at all. To be honest with you, it feels like the foam thingies they put on your feet at the nail salon. It’s recommended that you refrain from walking or standing when you have them on. This may cause injury to your feet.



Foot Rubz Ball


When I tell you this thing is the business! It’s the business. I’m so happy I purchased the Foot Rubz ball. The same foot specialist recommended I get this to loosen up the fascia in the bottom of my feet. At the time I had a case of plantar fasciitis.  The Foot Rubz ball actually stimulates acupressure points in your feet, helping to relieve soreness and pain.



When you roll the ball under your feet, it begins to relax and eliminate tension. The depth of the massage is controlled by how much pressure is applied while rolling the ball under the foot. Did the Foot Rubz ball alone cure my PF? No. I had a series of stretches I was instructed to do as well.  But even today, I try to use it at some point during the day to loosen up the bottom of my feet. I don’t advise using it right after a run. You muscles and tendons are very loose and tender. Extra pressure might be more harmful than helpful.



By now you can tell that I highly recommend athletes take care of their feet. Why? Let me give you an analogy. Think of a butcher and his knives compared to an everyday Joe with a kitchen knife. The butcher uses his knives and cutting utensils everyday. Therefore he must keep them sharp and he does everything he can to keep them in good condition. The average Joe at home does not necessarily use his kitchen knife everyday. Therefore, it’s no big deal if he uses a knife to make a sandwich, washes it and puts it back in the shelf. Now think of your feet as the butcher’s knife. Since you put more mileage on your feet than the average person, you must take extra care of them. This products are also good for individuals who have jobs or professions where they are on their feet a lot such as waitresses, doctors, nurses, construction workers, dancers, etc.


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