Recognizing the Yogi Inside Yourself

We are almost 2 weeks in to the #30DayVeg Challenge and Alex, Monisha and I are still getting our workout on. Yoga is great excersize for your body and a great way to clear your mind.  We always love to hear from our followers and fellow fitness chicks so here is a short post from my friend Veleisa about her experience practicing hot yoga.


I admit it: I’m a yogahead. Since joining Sunstone Yoga in late January, I’ve become a huge fan of that moment when, centered on the mat, I take the first deep breath, raise my arms above my head and everything outside of the studio fades away.


Yoga is a great complement to weight training, which had been my primary exercise method, and I can feel the tightness in my hips and shoulders loosening.

Not only does yoga bring me peace, it also brings about the revelation that there are few people of color participating. Often I’m the only one in class, sweating it out. And by out, I mean my edges. We all know the trend stories: Black women avoid exercise in large part because of the fear of ruining their smooth edges and pin-straight tresses. Stretching, posing and bending in classes with a minimum temperature of 90 degrees may not appeal to those concerned about their ‘dos. Despite the heat and intensity, I think Black women shouldn’t reject hot yoga. When practiced regularly, a robust practice helps center the mind and target core muscles for runners and lifters.

I will warn you though, being the anomaly of a Black woman in yoga may earn comments like the one I got in the locker room last week: “Oh wow, your hair is so cute!” As a natural, you’d probably agree that is not an unusual statement to hear. My response: “Just the way it grows out of my head.”

If you want to see what hot yoga is all about, you should check out Sunstone. They offer a free week promotion. And this not at all a paid plug, I’m just a huge fan.

Do you practice yoga? What do you love about it?


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