Half-Marathon Training Plans

If you didn’t know, Whitney and I are training for a half-marathon. We just finished our 5th triathlon less than a month ago- we are crazy. Yes, I know.

Although we both are training for the same event, our training is slightly different.

Whitney’s Training – Speedy (The Hare)

Whitney started her training late and didn’t train the way she wanted to. She discussed her training confessions. If you missed it, it was a good post to check out . Its a reminder that “life happens.” Whitney is also a runner, and has one half-marathon under her belt. With a little Beyonce in her headphones and the thought of hamburgers or pancakes waiting for her at the end of the race, she can crank out some serious miles in no time.

Since this is her 2nd half-marathon, Whitney is focusing on being faster. She runs three times a week.  One run is shorter and focused on sprint drills. She only runs long distances once a week.

Alexandria’s Training – Distance (The Tortoise )

The complete opposite of Whitney, I started right training for the half-marathon a week and half after our last triathlon. Although I had a few slight injuries  and life got in the way, I was still able to stay on track with training.

Running long distances goes against everything in me – from my body shape to being forced into only one sport.  I am dying here.  I just love triathlons and especially cycling.  For my training, my focus is on distance since this is my first half-marathon. My plan does not include any sprint drills but instead a steady increase in mileage over a few weeks.

Below are a some of the top half-marathon training plans I have compiled. If I had to choose which one I like the most, I would suggest Hal’s Higdon’s training plan. I am currently training using it. If it works for me, it can work for anyone! The training plans are posted in order from novice to advanced in each section.

Beginner Half-Marathon Plan

Intermediate Half-Marathon Training Plans

Advanced Half-Marathon Training Plans