The March Mad Abs Challenge

My Fit Friend Tawana of The Healthy Dose has challenged us to a Mad Abs Challenge in the month of March. I personally hate ab workouts; however, I never backed down from a challenge! It’s very simple and easy to join in.

mad abs

For The Next 31 Days YOU Will….

  • Drink 64 oz water. No exceptions!
  • Eat a HEALTHY meal 5 days week. (Don’t go over board on weekends)
  • Food: One Meal Must be Raw. Try the #saladjam challenge for ideas. ( salad, fruit salad, veggies, shake/ protein w/ fruit or veggies, juicing).
  • Workout at least 3 days at week. [Note: If you do more than 3, the 4th workout must be cardio (if you do strength all the time) or strength training (if you do cardio all the time) Get it?]
  • Complete the daily ab workout (see photo below)


March Mad Abs challenge


If you decide to join in use the hashtag #MADABS on your twitter, instagram and facebook accounts so we can see your progress and photos. If you follow us on our social media sites we will be keeping you updated as well. 🙂   ARE YOU IN?



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