The Workout Holy Grail: Tabata

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A word that strikes fear in the heart of the most avid fitness enthusiast. Just in case you live under a rock, tabata is a short,  4-minute round of ridiculously intense exercises. Just 4 minutes of tabata has proven more effective than 60 min of jogging. Seriously!

It’s not just a fitness craze. It’s actually backed by science. Dr. Izumi  Tabata developed the program in 1996. Athletes completed a 10 minute warm up on a stationary bike followed by a 20 second sprint using out effort and a 10 second rest. They would repeat this set 8 times for 4 min. That’s it. Dr. Tabata found that the exercise protocol illicited an afterburn effect which enabled athletes to burn fat long after the workout was complete. Can you say workout holy grail?
Recently, I started a new job and I haven’t had much time to workout at all. I’ve been doing 1 round of tabata everyday, 6 days a week and sticking to my high fat, low carb diet (for the most part. I fell off a few times)  with a carb up day in the middle of the week. I’ve still managed to lose 2 lbs without lifting a single weight! I plan to start hitting the weights again this week, but tabata has be a miracle worker.
Now that you know what it is, here’s how to do it. You can make up your own tabata rounds or you can follow a you tube video. The types of moves typically used in tabata workouts are:
  • Squats
  • Rotating jump Lunges 
  • Burpies 
  • Push ups
  • Jump knee tucks 
  • Walking planks
The list is endless. Just be sure you workout at maximum effort. These workouts are perfect if you’re short on time or if you need something to breakup the monotony of your regular routine.
Here are a few of my favorites from you tube


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