Alex’s Sporty Shred Results

I completed the #SportyShred, yay! Whitney posted her results the other day so here are mine as well.

Because I am naturally curvy, it’s important for me to keep to make sure my body stays proportionate. Unfortunately, I  was holding a  large amount of fat in my stomach area. I blame it on stress and poor diet choices. My goal for the Sporty Shred was to lose half of my stomach weight and develop a strategy for my future weight loss plans.

Here are results and how I achieved my goals:

Sporty Afros Shred Plan

Detox – It was important for me to detox before and during Sporty Shred. The main organs naturally remove waste from the body are the skin, bowels, liver, kidney and lungs. Unfortunately in today’s environment it’s very difficult for our bodies to detoxify efficiently. A lot of people ( me included) some times over indulge in too many simple carbohydrates and foods high in sugar, which cause our bodies to store fat in the stomach area.  Preforming a “proper” detox immediately causes your body to release the waste stored.

More Greens, Less Gluten – After reading the book, Wheat Belly, it prompted me to take a hard look at the amount of wheat products I was consuming daily. I cut 80% of my daily wheat intake in a variety of areas such as protein powders, vitamins, bread, Seitan, etc.  I replaced wheat/gluten products with more organic vegetables, specifically green ones.  It sucked at first, but after a while it wasn’t that bad. I had so much more energy!

Meal Prepping – What more can I say about meal prepping except that it’s awesome. Simplifying my meals and meal prepping helped me stick to my diet goals and saved me a lot of time in the evening. I love it!

Water – Increasing your water intake naturally detoxifies your body. It flushes out waste and keeps your body hydrated. I also reached for water whenever I was feeling hungry. Most of the time, I was not hungry but really thirsty. I also started drinking a glass of water in the morning and  set a goal of drinking least 64 ounces of water by 5pm every day.

Self-Confidence and Positive Outlook– When you stress about losing weight, you don’t lose it. Love yourself where you are first, set a plan, stick to it and watch the weight disappear.


Here is a recent photo of me with the Monisha.

Sidenote: My jeans and top are way to large for me now..  BOOO!

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