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I really enjoy meeting our readers and supporters. This weekend, I got to meet Sherry, who volunteered for the Bronners Show. I am so grateful for her help! I am  also grateful for all of you who support us. From your emails and tweets, we really need and love them!


Hanging out with Sherry prompted me to show how I incorporate a healthy lifestyle from hair to toe. Here is a little bit about me, my favorite hairstyles, nutrition go-tos and fitness workout photos.


During the week, this is how I rock my hair.



The Puff! My favorite workout hair! I use conditioner plus G+ spray and cute headbands solve most of my hair dilemmas.



Half and Half – Here is a quick photo of me headed to Bronner Bros International Hair Show. I used Sporty Afros’s Ayurverdic Oil and G+ Spray along with a little bit of Eco styler. I have on a large headband pulling my hair back and a few bobby pins in the front to keep my side coily bangs. Simple and easy…



The Wig – This is a quick photo of me after a photoshot. I am wearing my signature wig. I sprayed my hair and wig with G+ Spray in order to have shine and nourishment.



Pick and Go – Some days, I just wakeup, pick and go. My big hair is always just every where. This also gives me a few extra inches and makes me seem taller. ha!



Healthy hair starts from the inside out. So I try to keep a keen eye on my nutrition especially at my office desk.



Gallon a Day – I try to drink a gallon of water a day. Keeping a large jug of water of my desk, keeps me on track!

FYI: I drink a lot of alkaline water now as well.



Snack Attacks – I try to keep healthy snacks packed away in my lunch kit. Here I have quick and easy snacks that are great for my budget and daily snacking. I love Whole Food’s hummus and will try a different one each week. In this photo I have, Jalapeno hummus, snap peas, carrots, alkaline water and my Ezekiel tortillas made into chips #healthy #raw



A Salad a Day – Nothing like a big salad to keep you full for dinner. I am all about color, so adding a variety of veggies on a salad will fill my stomach and eye appetite.



Simple Salads – Sometimes, I don’t have time to make such a large salad. I try to always keep a simple salad on-hand at home with the following ingredients: Apples, shredded carrots, avocado, cucumbers, celery and tomatoes.



Fitness is important. Working out keeps me sane and let’s me blow off a lot of steam, pressures and frustration.



Cycling – I love cycling!  I enjoy the thrill of pushing myself especially on the bike. For some reason, I always think I am on the Tour de France trying to pass up Lance Armstrong. Ha!



Perfect Shoes – I love Asics shoes! They are my go to for running shoes and training. Above are my new GT-2170. These are my new running shoes. Love them!



Perfect Protein – After my workouts, I replenish my body with a vegan protein powder. I really love Plant Fusion protein powder. The chocolate is my new favorite powder. I have it often with just plain cold water or can add almond milk to it.


I hope you guys enjoyed a little bit about me and viewing my life in action. Let me know what you think! 




  • Shana Curtis says:

    Awesome – you should have a Hang Out with Alex Day contest???

    • alexandria says:

      Well thanks Shana! I am glad you liked the post. I wouldn’t think anyone would want to hang out with me LOL But if they we’re in the DFW they could hang out anytime with me 🙂

  • Dionne says:

    Thank u for sharing. I do have a question. I work out about 3-4 times a week, and I wear my hair flat twisted to the gym. When I am done, I am wet head to toe. What are your suggestions for when I take the twist down for work. My hair looks ok for a bit, but then it looses the wave and is just chunky fuzz. Help!!!
    Fuzz Fro Diva

    • Alexandria says:

      Hi Dionne! thanks for asking for help. I would suggest keeping in your twist until they are dry or find a suitable and quick qig to put on after working out. You can keep your hair flat twisted under the wig. You will need to make sure your hair is fully dry before taking out/down. Hope that helps!

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