My Healthy Refrigerator Evolution

Last week, at the Fit Fro expo, Whitney and I spoke about making small, incremental changes in order to live healthy lifestyle. One in particular is looking at the foods we eat.  If we are what we eat,  our refrigerators should reveal a lot about who we are and our goals.

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I decided to take another look at my own refrigerator and see the changes I have made over the years. Here is my healthy refrigerator evolution.


2011 Refrigerator – The Start to My Healthy Refrigerator Evolution 

alex refrigerator 2011


This is the beginning of my journey to a healthier lifestyle. It’s not a pretty picture at all but this was my first attempt at having a healthy refrigerator.


2011/2012 – Healthy Vegetarian 

refrigerator food


When I became a vegetarian, I decided to eat a larger variety of veggies.  Unfortunately, I also had a lot of processed items and wasn’t very organized either.

2012 – Healthy & Organized


complete refrigerator spring cleaning healthy kitchen


Remember this photo from a few years ago? This is when I learned more about nutrition and the importance of eating foods in a variety of colors.  While my refrigerator was organized, this was a bit too much food for me. I ended up wasting a lot of it. Not to mention it was hard on my budget! I need to simplify.


2013 – Organized and Simple

Alex healthy refrigerator


In 2013, I didn’t purchase as much food and I focused more adding more seasonal veggies which was easier on my budget. Organization was key but I also started learning about meal prepping.


2014 Spring/Summer

This year, I focused more on meal prepping and staying organized. I relocated across the city ( with fewer grocery stores) so I stocked up on foods in larger quantities until I learned my neighborhood better. I also started having green smoothies every morning.

2014 – Healthy Stocked Vegan Refrigerator


I did a 21 day vegan challenge, when I started marathon training so my refrigerator looked a bit different.


2014 Summer/Fall – Simple, Healthy and Organized


As of today, this is my refrigerator after meal prepping.  I now write out my meals for the week and stick to them.

Let me know what you think? Take a photo of your refrigerator and show it off. Use the hashtag #sportyafros or tag us a@sportyafros so we can see it.

Need some tips? Here are 8 Tricks for Your Fruits and Veggies to help save cash and eat better.

Look at other refrigerators from this article on  “What Does Your Refrigerator Say About You.” 

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