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We are excited to release the Sporty Shred plan! So many of you asked tons of questions about our 21-day shred last year so we decided to put everything together in a FREE e-book just for you. *hearts*

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The Sporty Shred will help you:

1. Improve your diet

2. Improve your workouts

3. Challenge yourself

Check out the YouTube video that explains what it’s all about .


To help celebrate the launch of our the plan, we partnered with a few companies to host another awesome giveaway.

Sporty Afros Giveaway shred plan full giveaway

WE ARE ONXY: We Are Onxy is a customized beauty box. Sample any product on the site and get it delivered in your Onyx Box right to your doorstep. The We Are Onxy March Box is unique and special as it’s filled with Beautiful Textures products. This box will have 4 full size products including the exclusive release of the TMS System.

Delta Lab Detox: Did you know at any given time, your colon may be holding onto many undigested meals, which may lead to excess weight gain, loss of energy, bloating, and an impaired ability to properly digest and absorb the nutrition your body needs? Delta Labs daily Detox supplement is a gentle cleansing formula, rich in natural herbs to help safely flush toxins from your body and restore feelings of well-being.

Socialite Pink: Socialite Pink is a women’s brand of high style and trendsetting jewelry design. We all know that life’s most precious treasures don’t come with price tags but a nice piece of jewelry comes in a close second! 

Wicked Wine Run DFW: You’ve never ran a race quite like the WICKED WINE RUN! Join us for an evening run, jog or walk in DFW. This race takes place in the vineyards of Lost Oak Winery & Vineyard in Burleson, TX. Whether you’re a wine lover, avid runner or just love a good night out, this is the race for you.

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Don’t Forget!

  • Use hashtag #SportyShred in your social media posts!
  • Take a few before pictures and measurements as well. You don’t have to post them, but if you look awesome after the 21 days then you might want to!
  • Check out more recipes by clicking here to browse our full recipe library!

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