Keeping It Moving With The Polar Loop

FTC: The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Polar Loop.

If you are a following me on Instagram, you saw I was sent the new Polar Loop.


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The Polor Loop is an activity tracker. Activity trackers, like the   Nike’s Fuel and Sports Bands, Up by Jawbon,  Fitbit and BodyBugg, have grown in popularity over the past few years. The Polar Loop stands apart from the rest because fully waterproof and displays your heart rate in real time.

Few Additional Benefits of Polar Loop:

  • Counts steps
  • Calories
  • Alerts users, through a friendly message on your phone, when you have been sitting down for to long
  • Tracks activity such as walking or running
  • Measures sleep
  • Waterproof
  • Wearable 24/7
  • App and web service to help keep you motivated and moving

Moving It With The Polar Loop


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It’s a pretty simple device to use. I neglected to take photos of the packaging because I was super excited to open it!

The polar loop comes only in one size. It comes with instructions on how to customize it.  I have small wrist so after some measuring and cutting, I was able to wear it with ease. I wore it everywhere and often times forgot I had it on.

The coolest part is connecting it with the heart rate monitor. This is the only activity monitor that displays heart rate along with activity.


At Work with Polar Loop


From taking the stairs at work to working out outside, the device tracked my every step.  It was hard to snap photos of the device as it lit up. The Polar Loop displays 5 things:

  1. Time – Shows time of day and messages to you
  2. Activity – Shows your activity level.  It also shows a long bar that fills up as you make progress towards your daily goal.
  3. Steps – Shows steps accumulated like a pedometer.
  4. Calories – Shows calories burned from just breathing to working out.
  5. Heart Rate – It shows your heart rate in real time.


Connecting Polar Loop & Polar Flow

Polar Loop Flow Charging


Once you connect your Polar Loop to computer it syncs with your online account on Polar Loop Flow. You can also sync it on your iPhone if you download the app.

The loop charges fairly quickly and hold the charge for long periods of time. I went a week without charging it up.

Polar Flow Website



Polar Loop Flow Beta Website
Polar Flow is a free online tracking service and app for the iPhone that automatically syncs via Bluetooth® Smart. The  Polar Loop provides smart guidance on how to improve health and well-being by making small changes in daily activity

On the site, I can see my activity or lack there of . It definitely made me want to move a lot more. I found myself noticing poor habits such as not meeting 10,000 steps a day, and sitting consistently for 4 hours. Yikes!!

Rethink Your Day and Move

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For the week of Thanksgiving, I made sure to keep it moving anyway possible. I was determined to meet my personal goals and become healthier. I’ve had the device for a little bit over week now and here are my favorite things about it:

Bests Aspects of the Polar Loop

  • Love the display
  • Like the style of it – not bad when pairing it with jewelry
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Accuracy of most monitoring steps and activity
  • Waterproof (20 meters) – Means I can swim with it
  • Heart- rate capability – major plus!!
  • Customize to wrist size
  • Easy to read current activity on display
  • Battery life – Mine lasted almost 7 days without charging

Since the Polar Loop is brand new, there is room for improvement.

Improvements for the Polor Loop

  • Wish it had the vibration alarm that the Up had (alerts you when your inactive)
  • Limited use if you have an android (I have an android)
  • Calories burned numbers seem to be off – Not for sure on this one
  • Wished it showed mileage/distance and not just steps
  • Not a major fan of the charging cable. I wished it had a generic cable because I lose cables a lot and will undoubtedly end up spending a lot on replacement cable..


Overall, I like the Polar Loop. I will use it more to help motivate me to achieving at least 10,000 steps a day. I recommend the Polar Loop for individuals who want a 24/7 heart rate monitor and wellness tracker. I highly recommend it for you iphone folks to get the most out of the device. Find out even more details about the Polar Loop here. You can purchase it at many different retailers such as Sports Authority and Target to name a few.


Tell me, do you have an activity monitor? What’s your favorite?


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