Speak On It: Stomach Pump To Lose Weight Verses Healthy Living



A few days ago, I sent Monisha a link to the article entitled, ” Stomach-Pumping Machine Makes Calories Disappear.” I nearly fell to the floor while reading the article. I couldn’t believe this will be available here soon.

A group of inventors, who include the creator of the Segway, has come up with a gadget that lets people eat pretty much what they want and forget about the calories. Called the AspireAssist device, it works by sucking the food right out of the stomach so that only about a third of the calories are absorbed by the body.

…….. Yeah… It get’s better…..Keep reading.

Patients wait 20 minutes after eating, then empty 30 percent of their stomach contents into the toilet through a tube — a small, handheld device connects to a skin-port discretely embedded on the outside of the abdomen.


So here are few highlights about the machine

  • Calories not digested are calories not absorbed, which, say the inventors, leads to weight loss.
  • In a one-year trial of 24 obese patients, patients on average lost 49 percent of excess weight
  • The pump is an “alternative” to bariatric because many people are not “prepared to have their body forever altered”
  • Katherine D. Crothall, president and CEO of Aspire Bariatrics, the maker of the AspireAssist, said she understood why people might find the idea of the pump “gross” but insisted it offered a viable way for morbidly obese people to drop pounds.

I am not happy about this at all!

I am soooooo grossed out by this!  I just can’t believe it….. I really can’t. Here are a few issues I have with the stomach pump device by Aspire Assist.

  • This is nothing more than a machine induced /high tech bulimia. —— Point Blank.
  • If you are obese, an emotional eater or eating food lacking nutrients (high fat, sugar and refined carbs), the device only masks the issue. It does not help the person address the issues he/she has with food.
  • I can’t fathom me or my future husband having some alone time with this device installed inside of him. What happens if the plug from the “skin-port” comes undone in a high school make out session!! OMG!! Grosssss  (Ain’t nobody got time for that!!)
  • I want to hurl at the thought of seeing people in a restroom with tubs and these skin-ports. What happens on a road trip? Is there a travel cup?
  • Patients are advised not to eat dense foods like broccoli, cauliflower or steak because these types of foods  can clog up the tubes. Oh but cakes, shakes, ice cream and smooth foods ironically won’t have these issues.
  • What happens when the device is removed? The person still has bad eating habits and can/will gain weight, right?!

In my discussion with Monisha, she bought up some very valid points.

What about, infections, corrosion…….. With several tubes going in and out of your mouth it might cause scaring in the throat, epiglottis, and esophagus. I would think the acid in the stomach would eat away at the tube over time or the body would reject the foreign particles (plastic tube) to the body.



A stomach pump or anything of that sort will not solve a person’s food addiction issues. Personally, I believe most issues with food are internal but I also believe that genetically modified food (GMOs) also play a large part.

If you want to be healthy and live a healthy life, it’s all about making small changes and sticking with them over time. A healthy lifestyle has a snowball effect. I promise you it does! I didn’t start off a runner, triathlete,  #naturalhair guru or a part-time vegan and foodie… (Okay, I have always been a foodie but now I am a healthy foodie. You get my drift though..)  #fitness is a #lifestyle not a diet.

Start small to gain big results.

Instead of eating wings from Wing Stop, have grilled chicken breast with the sauce on the side. Eating grilled chicken breast with the same hot tabasco/ bbq sauce on the side is up to third fewer  calories.  Instead of a banana split have a bowl of mixed fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Here is an articles full of “Healthier Junk Foods.” Need more? Take a look at this article will tons of of information on hair, fitness, workout plans and recipes.

As I take a breather and hop down off my soap box, tell me what do you guys think about the stomach pump? Living a Healthy Lifestyle?  Speak on it!


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  • Treasure says:

    Absolutely insane! It’s just another way to convince people that it’s okay to lack of self control. That careless, do whatever feels good (regardless of the consequences) attitude is prevalent in society today and the effects of it are devastating! There is something to be said about putting in hard work and seein results. We should want to acquire a taste for healthy foods that make us feel good. And not to mention all of the harmful ingredients that junk food has – GMO’s, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, etc. These things will affect us one way or another. This will NOT solve the problems. Easy solution, quick diet fixes never last!

    • Alexandria says:

      I was looking forward to your response! 🙂 I love it and am glad you are speaking out on this. You understand how “insane” this truly is!

  • Kayla says:

    Why is my stomach queasy at reading this? I feel that many hoping to quickly and easily lose weight are attracted to the glamour of weight loss. This contraption is NOT glamorous so perhaps it will not catch on.

    • Alexandria says:

      Yes! My stomach is still queasy still thinking about it! It’s unfortunately approved overseas. I spared you all the video on it! yikes!

  • Leela says:

    What the what? I’m losing weight right now just at the thought of people using this ridiculous contraption. Disgusting. LOL at the high school make out session. Party over. Just shaking my head at this and truly hope that this machine does not make it. I will be extremely disgusted if a size nothing person is hooked up to this thing. smh 🙁

  • carla dee says:

    I love your “not happy about this” look, so much! Lol! This is sad and sick, but this is where we are. Same mindset as having someone remove/fasten off part of your stomach. People will create anything to make a buck, and other people will line up to buy it if it relieves them from personal responsibility.

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