Fashion Night Out: Hair Highlights

If you weren’t hooked on last night’s NFL game, then you must have been out at Fashion Night Out. I woke up early to look at all the photos of celebrities from last night and I’m loving some of the hair styles!

Channel Iman is by far one of hottest top models right now. In this photo she makes me want straight hair back, pronto. Someone call the “Weave God’s” and send me an angel with some Remi Goddess and a pressing comb. I love  what a perfect perm/press and the perfect ombre hair color does for her face.

Hair envy… Sigh.. Who doesn’t love nooo lust  for Corrine Bailey Rae’s hair.  You know I am a lover of big hair. Natural ladies, to achieve this look use curl formers.

As we highlighted in our previous post, we can’t help but to love Solange. She is rocking my wig y’all and I am trying not to be jealous but this is a good look…

You know fashion lover Angela Simmons was out and about last night too. In this photo you clearly can tell she is back to her beloved sew-in. It seems this fall the go to look is very sexy straight, long hair. This hair style works well if you’re a runner, but is a  no go for swimmers. Swimmers would have to opt for a full sew in with an enclosure so none of your hair would be out then you  could simply wash your hair after a swim and give it a quick blow dry and let your weave “reset” itself.

How to translate fashion trends into your workout gear

Overall I loved all the photos I saw from Fashion Night Out. There were a lot more trust me! A fashion trend I’ve noticed  is a lot more all black outfits with pops of color. If you’re digging this style, why not use it in your workout attire as well?  Here is some great colorful workout gear from under armour to rock with black shorts or tights and a black tank …




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