Natural Celebrities – Solange & Raven – Give Great Ideas for Workout Hair Care Solutions

I checked out  and saw two our  favorite natural celebrities on the site. They give great hair style ideas to switch it up my look for my upcoming birthday! 🙂

It seems Solange brought The BIG Hair you must write it like this) is back! We haven’t seen it for about a month now and I must say, I have now become a fan.


Solange attended Denise Rich’s annual Angel Ball at Cipriani Wall Street.  The Angel Ball support Denise’s Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research.


*3 snaps… Solange and  The BIG Hair actually has grown on me. I also love that she doesn’t go over the top with her makeup. Note how she stretched out her natural hair in the front to match the texture of the wig. You can’t even tell the difference!


This is why both Whitney and I love wigs!

On the flipside….

One of my other favorite natural celebs is Miss Raven. She went cute and coily at the Young Storytellers Foundation’s Annual “The Biggest Show 2011.”


This style is a great for any texture! You can have this same look by using small perm  rollers with setting lotion. You can also use flexi rods or if you dont want to shell out the cash for those you can use just plain ol drinking straws.  Cheap and effective! This style will last at least 2 weeks with your workouts.