Sporty Afros and Runners Revelation On The CW

Hey guys! We wanted to let you know, we will be on CW 33. Giselle, reporter from CW33, loved the discussion we had regarding our 5 part series on “Why  Black Women are Fat” and wanted to report on the story along with our solutions. Check it out tonight at 9pm on CW33.


Update 6/6/12 : Here is the video segment. Please click on photo below.


If you missed the great discussion or want to chime in feel free to click on the links below or comment.

  1. Why Black Women are Fat Part 1 – Alex’s Take (Brief overview of the article with my commentary)
  2. Why Black Women Are Fat, Part 2 – The Skinny Girl Edition (Whitney’s Take)
  3. Why Black Women Are Fat, Part 3: From Skinny to Thick to Skinny to ???(Monisha’s Take)
  4. Why Black Women are Fat, Part 4 – The Thickness! Alex’s Personal Weight Loss Journey (Alex’s Journey)
  5. Why Black Women Are Fat and How to Fix it (The Solution)

NOTE: “We have received concern noting that we are using the ‘incorrect’ title for the New York Times opinion piece. We appreciate the concern and updates on this. We really appreciate all your feedback and updates. The title we are using, “Why Black Women are Fat” is the original title the Times used. Later, the it was changed. This article is now called “Black Women and Fat.” We continue to refer to the article by its original name in part for the sake of clarity, and also because the original title provoked most of the ensuing controversy and conversation about the issue.” Thank you all again!


Here are a few photos from our segment 🙂 Don’t you love the new shirts?!


Even though Whitney wasn’t on camera, she was there in full effect. Yay!!



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