It's Gettin' Hot But We Won't Stop!: Monisha's Summer Workout Essentials


This week The Sporty Afros Camp will share with you the items we feel are essential to keeping our workout routine going through those hot summer months. Know that I am a runner. So all of my tips pertain to running, mainly running outside.


Forget what your grandma said. Everyone needs to wear sunscreen. Whether you are white as snow or black as crow, skin damage related to extended sun exposure can happen to you. Scape sunscreen is popular among endurance athletes that plan on spending large amounts of time in the sun. Like the label stated, it doesn’t run into my eyes. I feel it’s a bit expensive, but I caught on sale. It’s regular retail price is $15.oo. Any sports sunscreen should do the trick.  But I don’t want you to feel I’m pulling this info from my you know what. There are new sunscreen regulations by the US Food and Drug Administration that will go into effect on June 18, 2012. According to the FDA it is recommended you use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Uhh…I’d go ahead and double that. LOL. Actually, many physicians recommend those who intend on being outside for an extended period of time should use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.


Lip Balm

Nobody wants chap and crusty lips! Eww! And nothing is more aggravating than getting a few miles out from your car and realizing you didn’t lube up your lips before your run. Believe it or not, your lips need protection from the sun too. Ditto everything from the sunscreen section say “No” to crusty lips! This lip balm was a little expensive but it glides on like silk. I caught this on sale too but I doubt if I would ever pay the full price of $8 for it, with my own money. If I have to pay $8 for my lips to feel like silk, I can settle for them feeling like polyester for $4 with a cheaper brand of lip balm that gets the job done.


Running Pouch with Sports Bottle

This is a picture of my Amphipod running pouch. It has a 16oz sports bottle that conveniently sits beside the actual pouch. If you intend on running more than 30 minutes you need to make your run a BYOL (Bring Your Own Liquids) situation. It is VERY VERY VERY important you stay hydrated. Depending on the trail or route you run, you may not have easy access to liquids. Carrying your own liquids is the only way to ensure you will have access to a drink when you need it. The pouch is a decent size too. I can fit my phone, tissue, chapstick, and car keys in it.



This is the Smart ID I wear on my left shoe when out running. The top picture shows the outside of the ID tag. The Runner’s Revelations portion is actually reflective. The next photo is how it looks on the inside. I have my medical and emergency contact information in it. You can find all types of id bracelets and shoe tags on the internet ranging in prices from $5-$50. Some offer more features that others. At the end of the day, what you need is something on you that is easy to access in the event you fall out unconscious and someone has to call the paramedics and your emergency contact. It beats running with your drivers license and insurance card all the time. There are some shift-made aka rigged aka country aka frugal things you can do such as write your info on an index card and put it in your running pouch or sock. Trust me, I’ve seen (and tried) it all. And the index card gets raggedy and soggy after a while. Yuck! My Smart ID tags are  waterproof, reflective, easy to snap on to your schoelace and only cost $5. Email me at if you would like to buy one. 🙂 Yes, you want to buy one .:)


Runners Socks

A good pair of thin running socks in the summer is a must have. My absolute favorite sock is the Feetures Elite. They are specifically made for the right and left foot. I put them in the toegasm category. What the difference between running socks and gym socks? Running socks are a lycra or polyester blend while gym socks are mainly cotton. Cotton does not wick sweat and can cause blisters when running. To learn more about Feetures socks, check out my product review on my Runner’s Revelations web site.


Coconut Water

If you’re currently in my running class, you have probably heard me say time and time again that coconut water is the way to go for rehydration. I don’t  swear but this stuff, but know that I recommend all of my athletes incorporate it into their hydration and refuel regimen. l can’t stand the plain flavored coconut water but I’m head over heals about Zico Coconut water passion fruit and chocolate (yes chocolate). For the past year I have ran all of my races with Zico in my sports bottle.  I must mention it’s all natural. Please do not purchase it thinking its going to taste like kool-aid.


So there you have it folks. Those are a few of my summer workout gear essentials. What are yours? I’d like to hear (well read) from you. What are your summer workout gear essentials? I love your feedback, especially when I don’t have to threaten you to give it to me 🙂

Love, Peace, and Sweat,

Monisha R.

Monisha Randolph is a RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach  and the author of Runner’s Revelations: How Running Changed My Walk. To learn more about Monisha or to purchase a copy of her book please visit Feel free to follow her on Twitter and join her Fan Community on Facebook.


  • Nicole says:

    Hey lady. Great article! A lip balm I like and it’s under $3.50 is the new Maybeline Baby Lips. It’s SPF 20 and goes on smooth w/o feeling greasy. I use the peppermint one (no color), but they have a few that hv a hint of color.


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