Sporty Afros' Tips for Growing Healthy, Thick, Long Hair

Whitney’s Top 5 Steps For Growing Long Healthy Hair

1. Handle your hair gently

The key to long hair growth is to care for every strand of your hair hair. Handle it gently while you’re detangling and manipulating it.

2. Figure out which products work best for your hair

Find out whether your hair works best with shampoo and conditioner or if you need to nix the shampoo all together. Your hair can still be clean without shampoo. READ the labels on the back of your products. Educate yourself about what you are putting on your hair. The products you are currently using may not be working for you and you aren’t even paying close enough attention to notice.

3. Find out what you are missing from your regimen

If your hair requires extra moisture ,add that. If your hair does better with regular protein treatments or henna treatments be sure to add that in. The only way to find out what’s best for your hair is trial and error. What works for one girl might not necessarily work for you.

4. Ayurvedic Hair Care

Incorporating this into your hair care regimen is one of my critical components for hair growth. It’s organic, natural and has a proven track record. The best part is that anyone can use it!  If you don’t know much about it you can review a few of our articles on it.

5. Inside Out

Healthy Hair starts from the inside out. Decreasing stress, working out and eating a well balanced meal is critical to hair growth.


Alex’s Top 5  Steps For Growing Thick, Healthy Hair

1) Education

I read a lot about the science of hair and the proper way to care for my hair type. I took webinars, read lessons and even studied on what female athletes were doing with their hair.

2) Ayurvedic Hair Care

I incorporated a lot of ayurvedic oils and powders into my hair regimen.  Whitney’s knowledge in this area rubbed off on me. As I saw the her hair’s results , I eventually implemented my own Ayurvedic regimen. It really made a difference and its why we formulated the Sporty Afros Ayurvedic Oil

3) Vitamins

I take a daily organic vitamin and biotin supplement. Every day, all day!

4) Nutrition

Hair growth starts from the inside out. I eat a healthy, balanced diet and  workout 5 days a week. This has such a huge impact on hair growth.

5) Moisture

Due to my hair type, my hair dries out line none other. I moisturize all day, every day. This how Sporty Afros G+ Spray was developed.

 You can purchase any of our products at our store. Affordable, natural and homemade! 


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