USA's Womens Track Team Wins Relay in Style

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend, I definitely did!  One of the great highlights of the weekend was being able to watch a lot of track and field. Since I have the half marathon coming up, I have been studying running and form.

I got a chance to watch one of my favorite events (the women’s relays) at the 2011 IAAF World Championships in Daegu.

I love track and field events because the women represent! From running in lashes to all of their different hair styles it is fun to see what the women are up to. Who says you can’t be a world class athlete and still be fabulous at the same time?! Here a quick recap of the USA’s Women’s relay team’s hair styles:

  • Carmelita keeps it simple and sleek. She wears her hair short and slicked back. She is known for running in long lashes too. *3 snaps in a circle*
  • Marshevet does a great protective style with the long ponytail and a part down the middle. Make sure you choose the right hair texture for your ponytail so it matches your hair. Also if you wear pony tails all of the time be sure to change the placement every few weeks. Your hair will break  if you wear a ponytail too tight and or in the same place all the time
  • Allyson is always simple and cute. She rocks long highlighted mircrobraids
  • Bianca keeps is simple as well with her hair slicked back . Quick Tip: To be fly with minimal effort right after you workout, try throwing on a cute fedora or hat…

Note: All of the ladies have arched eyebrows and most of them are wearing earrings.

Those are my kind of girls!




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