Wigs 101

Since we recommend wigs so much, it’s only right we should inform you of the different types of wigs.

Lace Front Wigs

Extremely popular with celebrities and increasing in stores, is like a combination between weaving and wigs.  Lace Fronts come in both synthetic and human. The wigs have a lace mesh on the front of the hairline. The real hair is pulled through the mesh, thus making the wig appear to look very real. The hair can also be glued on making them secure if your during a lot of running, dancing and other exercises.

Synthetic Wigs

Not as popular as they once were, are making a come back because they are more affordable and less mantainence than Human Hair wigs. Synthetic wigs tend to hold their style a lot longer; however, they can not be exposed to heat.  This is my choice because the texture is a lot closer to my natural “nappy” hair.

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair wigs are the most popular due to the natural feel and versatility. Human Hair wigs, feel and look like real human hair. With these wigs you can work with them as you would with your own hair such as flat irons or blow dryers. These wigs vary in prices due to the grade of hair and also typically last much longer than synthetic wigs. These wigs also vary in textures, which include a synthetic &  human blend.

Oh yeah here is Whitney and I in our favorite wigs. Can you guess what kind we are wearing?


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