Workout Hair Care Solution for Short Natural Hair

Personally, I think short natural hair is the easiest way to wear your hair when you’re living an active lifestyle. You can go from sweaty workout hair to fabulous curls in less 10 minutes. Here is my quick ( and stupidly simple) step by step guide about what I do to my hair when I workout.

Short workout hair care solution_SportyAfros


*I used conditioner, Sporty Afros G+ Moisturizing Spray, Sporty Afros Ayurvedic oil, OBI naturals moisture cream and OBI naturals curling custard to revive my hair. Here is what I did step by step:

  1. Rinsed my hair with water
  2. Applied a little conditioner
  3. Gently finger detangled the front
  4. Sprayed my wet hair down with Sporty Afros G+ Moisturizing Spray
  5. Added a little OBI naturals moisture cream
  6. Added a generous amount of OBI naturals curling custard and finger combed my curls
  7. Then, I gently towel dried my hair and arranged it the way I wanted it to dry
  8. Last, I added a few drops of Sporty Afros Ayurvedic oil to my scalp

Boom, done. I’ve gotten so fast with my routine that it only takes me 10 minutes.

I don’t always wet my hair down after a workout, but if it’s looking particularly frizzy I will. When I don’t wet it down I follow steps 4 – 8.

What do you do to your hair after you workout?

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