Are You Getting in the Way of Your Own Success?

Everyone wants to be successful. If someone says, they don’t. They’re a liar. The mystery of how to reach success has been on my mind lately. As opposed to writing a lengthy post about how you can get out of your own way. I’m going channel Seth Godin and give you some things to ponder.


When your growth stops, your success stops. What have you done lately for your personal development?


Is what you’re doing providing actual value to your customers or your audience? You may think your cat blog is the best thing in the world, but if your goal is to make money and you’re making $0, you’re not providing value. Point blank.


Are you doing the same things and expecting different results? You may be doing something slightly different, but is it different enough to get different results?


After you evaluate yourself, is there something or someone standing in the way of your success? Your soul crushing 9- 5, your negative talking best friend, your environment?


Stop being a know it all. If you’re not successful yet, there’s something you don’t know. Find out what it is.



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