How to Easily Remove Sand from Natural Hair, Braids and Twists

Did you leave the beach with more than a tan? Sand is tricky to remove from any hair type but it’s especially tough to remove natural hair, braids, twists and locs. Here are tips on how to remove sand from hair.


How to easily remove sand from twists, braids and natural hair



 How to Remove Sand from Natural Hair, Braids and Twists

If SAND is in clumps and hard to remove:

Wash your hair  thoroughly (in sections) with a clarifying shampoo. When sand is stuck in clumps it’s usually sticking to products in your hair such as gels and pomades.
If you’re able to brush SAND off easily:
Your best bet is shake your head and brush sand off with your hand. Another cool trick is to use a small vacuum a few inches away from hair to suck it out.
Easy Tips on How to Remove Sand from Hair 


Yoga on the Beach

Additional tips to care for hair at the beach

  • Keep hair moisturized. The sun WILL zap the moisture from your hair.
  • Wear your hair in simple styles such as puffs, braids or twists.
  • Make sure to protect your scalp by keeping it oiled.  Don’t forget to seal your ends too!
  • ​If you want to avoid getting sand in your hair all together, try wearing a hat or scarf.

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