SURPRISE Announcement!

Yup! I’m pregnant, with twins! My husband and I are super excited. Check out the video for a few updates and a bump shot.

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  • I am new to your site and I followed your blog on WordPress recently so that I can remember to go back and dig into your site. When I saw this on my WP timeline, I had to click to say congratulations! Pray everything works out well for you and your family! 🙂 Oh and I look forward to reading more on the site. I need to learn more about nutrition and exercise so this site will be another great source for me!

    • Whitney says:

      Thanks so much! Let me know if there’s something specific you want me to blog about.

    • Whitney says:

      Sorry for the delay, we get thousands of spam comments and sometimes the regular ones get caught in the filter. Thanks so much for following Sporty Afros!

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