Nothing Is Impossible With God

I’ve been trying to spend more time reading  the Bible and I found this AWESOME website called She Reads Truth. It’s a site dedicated to women reading and discussing the word. How great is that?! They even have reading plans on the You Version app. Here is one of the most recent reading plans along with some scripture. Enjoy and remember nothing is impossible with God!

She Reads Truth

“For nothing will be impossible with God”
(Luke 1:37).

It occurs to me that God likes showing off. He likes to make His power and His glory known. My favorite show of God’s awesome power is the way He fills the wombs of previously barren women of the Bible.

Elizabeth is a woman who, by all intents and purposes, should have given up on the whole baby idea. She was “of advanced years,” which is a nice way of saying she was old. She had never been pregnant, but her husband Zechariah never stopped praying for a child (Luke 1:13). Elizabeth and Zechariah’s story takes a sharp left turn when the angel Gabriel meets Zechariah in the temple. Gabriel tells him that Elizabeth will soon become pregnant and then give birth to a baby boy.

So, like Sarah before her and Mary after her, Elizabeth becomes pregnant with a boy who will change God’s kingdom forever. The baby boy will be named John and will become known in Scripture as John the Baptist.

Elizabeth and Zechariah were highly favored by the Lord (Luke 1:6), and their son John will be great before the Lord (Luke 1:15). Can you imagine being the mother to a son who would do such great things?

Elizabeth’s story both echoes and intersects with the story of Mary, mother of Jesus. In fact, while Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist, Mary also heard from the angel Gabriel that she would become pregnant. Another woman who should not have physically been able to be pregnant, is so.

Just after she heard from Gabriel, Mary immediately went to be with Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-40).

Can you imagine the awe and wonder (and fear and anticipation) that these women must have felt?

Nothing is impossible with God. What have you deemed impossible of God, either by logic or because the thought would never have even crossed your mind?

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