8 Hair, Health and Fitness Tips for Working Out in the Summer Heat

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  1. Earlier the Better: You might as well, throw in the towel for going for a quick run after work. The temperatures will be almost unbearable. Try waking up early before the sun rises or  wait until the sun goes down to head out for a run.
  2. Keep Up With the Apps: Weather.com and Accuweather are the top weather apps for phones. Know what the forecast says before you head out. The last thing you want is to run is to  bad weather when you’re miles from your car.
  3. Your BF – Water: Water is critical. Drink a half to full gallon of water a day, if possible. You can jazz up your water by having herbal tea and infused water if you are having a hard time.
  4. Electrolytes: From Gatorade to Coconut water, replenish your body with plenty of electrolytes.
  5. Summer Attire:  If you prefer pants, opt for capris or mid- knee pants/tights. Embrace cut off shirts and tanks to keep you cool. Embrace bright color clothes, which are both fashionable and functional for those who run after sunset.
  6. Quench Your Hair : Keep a simple hair care regimen for the summer. Focus on moisturizing and keeping hair off your shoulders with buns and ponytails. Make sure you stock up on Sporty Afros products (http://sportyafros.com/store/) to help hydrate your tresses.
  7. Bugs Be Gone: Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and bug repellent. There are several companies that offer natural sunscreen and bug repellent lotion. Some of my favorites are Say Yes and Badger.
  8. Protect Yourself: My virtual friend from 300lbsandrunning.com saysCarry a bottle of pepper stray you never know what you may run into … dog, attacker, skunk , who knows just be prepared. My personal favorite pepper spray is Ruger Pepper Spray7 Summer Running Tips . It has lights, it makes noises, and the spray is pretty strong.”

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Other Tips:  Leslie Garcia of Dallas Morning News shares a few summer health tips.

  • Be Ready for the Heat — Anytime you run in the sun – or even step outdoors – wear a hat or visor, sunglasses, and always use sunblock to help protect your skin.
  • Rinse Stinky Workout Clothes — If I don’t have a full load of laundry yet, I rinse what I’ve just peeled off and hang it in the shower.
  • Get New Gear — Sports bras, I’ve been told, need to never see their first birthday. I’m sure I have a couple that are well past their terrible twos and about to start Pre-K.



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