Monisha's Minute: Mason Jar Update

Two weeks ago, I blogged about my first attempt at preparing salads in mason jars. Within the post I also provided helpful tips on prepping and storing the salad contents. Now that I’m entering Week 3, I thought it would be great to give a follow up on my salad mason jar journey. I experienced a few awesome discoveries and hit a few speed bumps. And if you have a “Duh Monisha” moment while reading this then don’t judge me. This was my first go around.

– My croutons would get soggy after two days. Therefore, I only put croutons in about two jars instead of five.

-When using onions, placing the them in with the salad dressing cuts the hard onion smell. For those that don’t have to interact with people this may not be a big take away for you.

-After about two weeks, the metal lids began to rust! No ma’am Pam! Luckily, Ball makes plastic screw on lids for their mason jars. What a life saver!

Rusty Mason Jar Lids Monisha R.

Plastic mason jar lids Monisha R.

-Cilantro has changed my life! A little cilantro can do wonders to salad greens. A spicy half of a cup of arugula can kick it up a notch as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the different textures and flavors of salad greens.

Arugula Salad cilantro arugula Monisha R

-The whole purpose of the mason jar salad thing is to make healthy on the go meals. So be mindful of what you’re tossing in the jar. You don’t need as much dressing as you think. Nor do you need as much cheese.

Going into Week 3, I’m ready. It’s been real convenient to grab a salad and keep it moving. Has anyone tried this since  my last post? I’d love to read some feed back!

Love, Peace, and Sweat

Monisha R.

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