Angela Simmons the New Permed Natural

Sporty Afros was the first blog to post about Angela Simmons and her natural hair. BGLH was able to catch up and do a quick interview with her.  Did you know she has been natural for 3 years?! A few nights ago, several ladies and I were discussing how sew-ins are like the “new perms” because you get the benefits of being natural (thick healthy hair) but you get to wear a “permed” style.

How long have you been natural? Are you a lifelong natural or is this something that you recently did?
 I’ve been natural for like 3 years. When I get weaves in I just sew it up and leave it alone.

Why did you decide to stop perming it?
 I just figured that I didn’t really need it. And I did notice that my hair was way thicker without the perm and it just seemed healthier without it and I just didn’t want to put any more chemicals in it. So I just left it alone.

Angela Simmons, Natural Hair
Angela’s natural hair, blown out

Would you ever consider having it huge and natural out in public?
 You mean without flat-ironing it? No. [Weaves are] easier for me. I work out alot and I travel a lot. So to have my own hair out is a hassle for me. So I don’t do it.

When you tweeted that picture of your hair did you get any negative reaction?
 It was pretty good. Nobody was negative. They just didn’t know I had so much hair underneath when I wear weaves.

What are your tips for maintaining your hair, because it looks really healthy and really thick.

A: I just keep it braided up alot. For the most part I stay in the hair salon alot and get my hair done alot so I kind of lean on my hairdressers for that. So for the most part, when I go, I do deep conditioners and sit under a dryer or steamer. But other than that…

But I did something bad not too long ago. My front got all messed up. I had a blonde weave, you know I had that moment where I wanted to go blonde. And I bleached some of my hair and it broke off and that was a bad idea.

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So I don’t suggest that anyone bleach their hair. Overall my hair’s pretty healthy it’s just the front’s a little messed up so I’ve been doing whatever I can. Oh, and I do suggest Moroccan oil. It’s amazing.

How long do you keep the weaves in at a time?
 Not that long because I change my hair so much. So, probably a month at the most. But I’m the girl who changes my hair a lot, so.


I follow Angela on Twitter and actually enjoy all of her tweets and I love her photos. Honestly, this is the “new perm”.  Sew-ins and weaves can help you transition from relaxed hair to natural hair or can it work as a great low maintenance workout hair style. I’ve been thinking about getting my weave back.  I don’t know yet though.

For more on the article, you can continue reading it on BGLH or follow Angela on Twitter.


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