Sunday Protein Breakfast

Sunday, I had to wake up very early and so I decided to make breakfast. While I watched and reflected on 9/11 and other stories, I took a moment to take a quick photo of my breakfast plate to illustrate my eating patterns and give ya’ll some healthy eating tips.

Sunday Breakfast

Here are some of my thoughts about breakfast…

  • I finally found some turkey sausage patties on sale for 2 dollars right now at Tom Thumb! SCORE!! This recall of turkey is killing a sista! 
  • The eggs are egg beaters bought at Aldi, which is one of my favorite stores to shop at. I made them fluffy by simply using a fork and slowly folding the eggs over each other as they cooked.
  • My fruit was purchased at Farmers Market. It was fresh and perfect!
  • This breakfast isn’t anything fancy but its a protein breakfast starter
  • It took exactly 15mins from start to finish to make this. Yes, this included cutting up the fruit and this wasn’t just a meal for myself.
  • I had extra fruit and biscuits, which aren’t shown above. I obviously did not have the biscuits.
  • Calorie count of this meal ranges in 200-250 calories.


Alex’s Tip!

I choose a small, neutral colored plate to eat breakfast on. It helps with portion on control and helps the makes my food look more appetizing. The colors of the food pop against the neutral plate color.




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