Grit By Brit – Workout It Out Monday

As you all know, I have been working with Brit of Grit by Brit on a variety of workouts and fitness routines. Brit has a plethora of workouts on her site. In addition, she also reviews group fitness classes and gyms too.

Brit travels around the country but she always makes time for her workouts. Having awesome fit friends like Natalie Uhling (shown above)  an Under Amour Women’s model helps keep her in top shape!


By the way… I am a new groupie of Natalie! Ahhh! (Nat above)


Every week, we will  post of her specialized workouts or fitness group class reviews right here on our site. This means you never have an excuse to get bored with your workout routine and you’ll know the about the newest workout crazes in the professional fitness industry! These are customized workouts meant to challenge you and keep you active.

Grit By Brit Workout #1

Name: The Super Efficient Gym Circuit

The Details:  The workout takes 1 hour, should burn 600-700 calories and fully utilize all of your major muscle groups.  It’s built with a lot of complex exercises that engage 2 major muscle groups at the same time, which makes the overall workout more efficient.

Requirements: The resistance training section requires 2 medium-heavy dumbbells (at least 10-15 pounds each).  It’s probably difficult to do this workout home, but it’s definitely a good option for the gym when you want to change-up your usual routine.

The Workout:

Try it out and let us know what you think! Take a photo and tweet, instgram or in it to us! If you have questions on what to do with your hair, comment below or any of the outlets below.


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