Protective Style – Fro Hawk

For my last triathlon, I wore a fro-hawk. I liked it so much I have kept the style. This has allowed me to have an easy protective style yet still look cute.

The sides of my hair break off often for a variety of reasons. Also, while running, I also noticed my sides are VERY sweaty which annoys me. So trying a protective style with my sides braided was the first idea that popped into my head.



  • Every other night, I twist the front of my hair, with Ayurvedic oil and a small amount of styling cream if needed.
  • I sleep on either the a satin pillow or a with a satin bonnet.
  • In the morning, I spray with G+ Moisturizing spray after unraveling my twists.
  • After working out, I spray with the G+ Moisturizing spray and add a dab of conditioner if needed .
  • I use several bobby pins to hold the braids back.

Overall I like this style. I wash my hair weekly and didn’t have any issues. The thickness of my hair and my curl pattern work very well with this style. Since the sides are braided, I am able to cut my twist out time in half. I make sure not to pull on the sides of my hair and pay special attention to braids while they are wet.

This is a great style for any workout plan and keeps your hair tamed. This style has lasted an entire month!

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