Reader Question: What Does Alexandria Really Eat ….

I got a question from a reader about what I really eat..

Hi Alex! I know you have lost weight and workout a bit. I am struggling with adding breakfast. Can you tell me what you really eat for breakfast . Seriously… What do you eat?

Sure I can! I am such a breakfast person but I don’t switch it up to much. I like consistency. This also keeps me on my tight budget. In the morning I usually wake up to work out so my morning meals are crucial for me. Below is my actual breakfast and snacks that I have every week.


  • Egg whites with veggies (scrambled) +Emergenc packet mixed into OJ + water +Fruit (I dilute a lot of things to save on calories & add taste)
  • Dannon Greek yogurt- vanilla + Frozen berry mix+ Organic flaxseed granola mix
  • Scrambled Egg whites + left over veggies or Morning Star breakfast patties + tomatoes + asparagus
  • Shakeology smoothie (sometimes w/banana + ice)
  • Oatmeal + Flaxseed + cranberries + blueberries + sugar/stevia

If I am working out in the morning, I will  have the following before I even workout:

  • Tablespoon of honey
  • Cracker or banana
  • 1/4 cup of coconut water (before or after)

Snacks- I really try not to snack but these are my go to snacks

  • Pita chips + Hummus (I like the red roasted pepper kind from Aldi. I buy Pita Chips at Wholefoods with Sea Salt)
  • Carrots + 1 Tablespoon of Raw almond butter (Workout snack)
  • Fruit and cheese
  • Kale salad (Wholesfood) + Grilled Tofu (This can also be a dinner for me)
  • Edamame  + miso soup (watch your  salt intake)
  • Snap peas + 2 small boiled eggs

I can count calories like no other thanks to and fatsecret’s mobile app. However, I focus a lot on color and balance in what I am eating.  Based on my lists above you can see I try and get a good balance of everything.  The nutrition in each snack and meal also helps with hair growth as most of the i have Vitamin B & E and essential proteins. I eat for fuel not (always) for pleasure. Based on my workout schedule, I adjust which snack or meal I need.

While I am attempting to lose more weight, I decrease my carb intake or I workout more.

Just an fyi- The only bread I have in my house are pita chips and 1 slice of whole wheat flat bread in case of a tummy ache. This has helped a lot with my weight loss.

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