Top Documentaries On Living an Organic Lifestyle


With the latest mad cow reports and the re-call of all Tylenol products, more Americans are becoming fed-up with the FDA and beginning to live a  healthier, organic lifestyle.

Last month, I worked on a lot of Sporty Afros’ “business” stuff. This means  several date nights with netflix,  homemade popcorn, Holy detox tea and lots of writing on the laptop. While working, I took some time to watch a lot of documentaries that some of my facebook friends recommended. Below  is a summary of the top documentaries about the food industry, living an organic lifestyle and obesity in America.


Food Inc. – This is a must see film!  This Oscar nominated documentary sheds light on the current American food industry. It discusses the foundation of soy allergies, e coli development and why many Americans are moving towards grass-fed meats or vegan lifestyles. This is the most friendly and neutral documentary in my opinion. At minimum, you will be inspired to purchase local and/or grass fed meats from now on.


Forks over Knives– This was my second favorite documentary and it really helped me understand the importance of a plant-based lifestyle (raw vegan). This documentary is very scientific and historic as it shows how 2 scientists prove how a plant-based diet cures or can reverse the majority of deadly diseases.

The film follows the journey of  numerous sick patients with large zip lock bags full of prescription medicine. Over 2 months, they ditched the meds and opted for a plant-based diet.  This movie inspired me.


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead– Recommended by a facebook friend, this documentary takes you on the journey of an Austrian man as he fasts from solid food for 60 days. He spends 60 days on a 100% juice diet as a method to “restart” his body and change his lifestyle.

I was amazed at the power of juicing and its benefits for the body.  I recommend this documentary for anyone who wants to learn more about juicing and its benefits.

Food Matters – This documentary was probably my least favorite to be honest but  it was still eye opening. I consider it the most radical of the documentaries. Food Matters shows compelling evidence and the link between  food and many common allergies and diseases. This documentary focuses more on a raw vegan lifestyle. I recommend this movie for current vegetarians or beginner vegans who want to eat  a more organic, raw diet.


I am sure there are more, but these are just the few I watched. Have any of you all watched any of these? If so, what are your opinions? Do you have any other recommendations for documentaries?