Turning Your Office Into a Healthy Zone – Healthy and Fitness Tips for Workers

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If you didn’t know, I am a Media Relations Manager in the travel industry full time. I spend any where from 8-12 hours a day working in and out of the office, answering media questions, networking, writing press releases and keeping a keen eye on the industry to say the least.  (Media never sleeps!)

Recently, the increase in my workload resulted in a direct increase in eating out and a decrease in working out not to mention contributing to a few other poor habits.  In order to address these issues, I started making small changes to create a healthy zone in my office.

Check out these easy and affordable healthy and fitness tips for those of you who work 40+ hours a week.


taking the stairs to work


Taking the Stairs

I know… I hate the stairs too. My office on the 8th floor so I hate it even more than most people. I force myself every day to take the stairs when I leave the office. I also use the restroom on another floor in order to get a few extra steps in. Yes, I am out of breath but it’s getting easier each day. Eventually, I will only use the stairs and 8 flights won’t seem so hard. My heart thanks me dearly!


office meditation

Taking a Break

I am fortunate to have my own office, so I can close the door.  While most people are taking a “smoke break,”  I utilize this time to take a meditation break. I did the 5 minute bexlife mediation yoga video in my office the other day. It was great!  If you don’t have an office, go to your car or a quiet area in your building.  Btw: Bexlife Rocks!   I am also incorporating some of the fitness tips Whitney posted about on her moving day.


mini refrig at work healthy

Get a Mini-Refrigerator

I ordered a new mini refrigerator from Lowe’s a few weeks ago and I love it! I pack all my work food on Sundays, bring it into the office on Monday and take the empty dishes home on Friday. By having healthy options within arms reach makes my life is a lot easier and my wallet thanks me daily.

Tomorrow, I will show you a glimpse of my refrigerator and what I keep in it. If you are interested in buying a mini refrigerator for your office, you can order the same one at Lowe’s here.  Free shipping, 10% off sale plus using my 10% off email coupon made me a happy campier.

Sidenote: I want to say Lowe’s rocks. I ordered the refrigerator on January 15th and received it following day by 10am. I did not order overnight shipping. Great experience!


So what are some ways you are turning your office into a healthy zone?  Will you incorporate some of these tips?


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  • Monisha says:

    When I’m not training or coaching, I have the luxury of working at a private school. During recess I get out on the court or playground and horseplay with the kids. I’m a big kid anyway. Soccer, basketball, and football toss are just a few things I’ve done. We also have an elevated merry-go-round and I’m pretty sure the resistance I get from pushing/pulling that thing with high schoolers on it is a major upper body workout. Yeah, I forgot to mention its a high school. Hahaha!

  • Treasure says:

    I work in an office setting. One thing I do is to either walk for 30 minutes during lunch or go to a conference room and do stretches/ab routines. I keep gym shoes in my office so there is no excuse. I also pack lunch and healthy snacks. I’m considering getting an exercise ball to sit on instead of my chair.

  • leela says:

    I started parking further away from the office building front door. Walking during lunch to the local Walmart (need to stay out of walmart though)and back. Once it gets completely warmer, I plan on parking the car at the Dart park and ride station and walking to the office which is about 1.5 miles from the station.

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