4 Tips to Manage Your Hectic Schedule

With my new job and even busier schedule, I find myself ridiculously short on time. I’m trying to be awesome at my full-time job, run a business (sporty afros), blog, make you tube videos, post to social media, diet, workout, spend time with Jesus, see my little sister (I’m in big brothers big sisters), cook, clean and maintain a healthy relationship all while trying to fit in some me time and see my friends at some point in time. Seriously?

The sad thing is my list isn’t even long compared to a lot of women I know. We’re all trying to do the best we can. Sometimes we fall short and things don’t get done. That’s ok.

I think one of the keys to balancing it all is becoming incredibly efficient. I’m a list maker and a scheduler. Everyday, I try to accomplish a specific set of tasks at work but sometimes when I get home, I go into lazy mode. All I want is a glass of wine and peace and quiet. Can I get an amen?  Here are 4 tips help you become more efficient.

4 Tips to Manage Your Hectic Schedule

Plan your day 

Look for pockets of free time where you can get things accomplished.


Make a prioritized list 

If you’re like me, your daily to do list is a mile long and you get frustrated when you can’t accomplish it all. Try priorizing the top 3-5 tasks and getting them done when you have pockets of free time.


Opportunity cost 

Sometimes saying yes to an event/meeting or whatever costs you I the end. Always consider to opportunity cost of adding something else to your plate. I’m terrible at this because I always want to help people! But it always comes back to haunt me. Always. Sometimes your time is better spent working on something on your current list as opposed to adding something new.


Multitask during downtime 

Instead of sitting on the couch with my boo to watch something that I don’t care about, I take that opportunity to clean, write a blog post, fold clothes, organize the fridge, layout my work clothes or whatever. The time I typically spend at home wasting time, I get up and get a small task accomplished. It’s amazing how effienct I’ve become.

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