Hair Conditioner Trending for 2011

Manhattan magazine has some listed a special conditioner as one of the new trends for 2011. We all know a good conditioner is the foundation to  growing and maintaining healthy hair, so you can understand my excitement.

The Conditioner is by Philip B® and is called RUSSIAN AMBER IMPERIAL CONDITIONING CREME 

On their website it states, the “healing L-Amino Acids with a Romanov-inspired blend of pure plant botanicals at clinical strength. All this, plus a tantalizing touch of Amber Oil” makes it so different from other conditioners.

Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme

Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme

There are great reviews on  it. Before you get too excited, I took a look at the price. A 6oz size is $150. Yes, you read correctly that was not a typo. To give you a better idea of what 6oz size is, it is equal to 3/4 cup. Yikes!

While I believe conditioners are vitally important, this makes me stop and think about conditioners (and products) in a totally different way.

  • Why am I outraged of the price of a conditioner, but I can pay the same price for a sew-in or great weave?
  • How much are we really willing to pay for hair care and more specifically products?
  • While this price seems steep, I know of plenty of people who spend almost this amount at the beauty shop or salon each month.
From wigs to weaves, this makes me reflect on the importance of my own personal haircare system in a different way. Maybe something is in the expensive products that cheaper products just don’t have. If this product provided me with an additional hair growth each month, would I sacrifice for it or not? Just some thoughts.. Checkout the full article here on Fashionista.

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