Oklahoma City Naturals Expo Recap

The other week, we traveled to  Resilient Soul’s 3rd Annual Oklahoma Naturals Beauty and Hair Expo. We had a great time!

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We were so excited to be featured along with other amazing bloggers such as Adeea Rogers of Trendy Socialite and Yolanda Renee of ETC Blog Mag. Here is our recap of our trip!


Road Trip– Texas to Oklahoma

Oklahoma City Natural Expo 2013 (7)

Whitney recently purchased an new SUV and we lovingly named it the “Sporty Wagon”!

Oklahoma City Natural Expo 2013 (8)


Monisha and I clowning around in the Sporty Wagon.


Oklahoma City Natural Expo 2013 (15)


When traveling, I keep my hair in an easy protective style . You can learn  more about  my hair style by clicking here.


The Expo


Oklahoma City Natural Expo 2013 (4)

Whitney and I went  glam for the ladies in Oklahoma. Curls, curls, curls every where!


Oklahoma City Natural Expo 2013 (2)

How you doin’? *Wendy Williams Voice*


okc 2013 pic collage booth

The Sporty Afros booth!


The Panel

PicMonkey Collage


Whitney and I were featured panelists for the event. We had a great time chatting, answering questions and encouraging everyone. I wish we had a video because you missed Monisha’s colorful tid bits about her new Vitamix and how she hasn’t bought hair products in 2 years thanks to me. We loved meeting our fellow bloggers in person as well.



Oklahoma City Natural Expo 2013 (11)


After our speaking panel, a cute little girl with locs ran up to our booth. She was dying to take a photo with us.  After chatting with her and her mom, we she was the famous Tiana Parker. If you don’t know about her, check out Monisha’s post about 10 reasons why we love Miss Tiana



Oklahoma City Natural Expo 2013 (1)


For dinner, I had some grilled shrimp on a bed of sauteed veggies and a side of steamed broccoli. It was pretty good!


Oklahoma City Natural Expo 2013 (13)


For breakfast, we went to a local diner in Oklahoma. The diner was decked out for Halloween. I loved the Despicable Me Minion and the decorated pumpkin hanging out in the corner.

Oklahoma City Natural Expo 2013 (10)

The ladies of Resilient Soul had gift baskets waiting for us in our hotel rooms.  The gift baskets contained tea, face masks, makeup wipes…useful things after a long drive.


Oklahoma City Natural Expo 2013 (12)

We got loc socs in our baskets too! Since Whitney doesn’t have locs, she thought it would be a funny/great way to pineapple her curls at night. *Disclaimer* Only do this if you’re sleeping alone. This is not a good look in front of your man or even your friends lol!


Overall we had a great time attending the expo and loved meeting everyone!

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