5 Natural Must Have Products for Under $10

5 Natural Must Have Products for Under $10

The holidays are upon us. Many of us are stretching every dollar as much as we can. I gathered five of my natural products that are great to have but won’t break the bank.  Every item is under $10!!


Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap and Liquid Castile Soap

I can not live without this soap. I love Dr. Bronner products especially their liquid soaps. From washing clothes to  washing dishes,  this is a must have product. Other uses for this product include regular body soap, even organic toothpaste! There are various scents; however, I always stock up on the the eucalyptus and lavender.

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Sporty Afros Hair Care Products- $7 & $10

Yes, our very own Sporty Afros hair care line is a must have. Not only is it Made In the U.S.A. but we developed affordable, essential and effective products specifically to meet the needs of active women like ourselves.  The 2 oz trial pack cost $10 (this is expo pricing only though!). Online, you can get a 2oz G+ spray for $5 and 2 oz Ayurvedic oil for $7. You can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.

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Whole Kernel Unrefined Coconut Oil – $8

Ok, I picked another Dr. Bronner’s product but it’s great stuff! With so many uses for coconut oil it’s important to make sure you are using the best kind. Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil is fresh-pressed from dried coconut kernels, which results in an unrefined oil that retains all of it’s great natural properties.  I picked Dr. Bronner’s because I love the brand and the price. If you can’t pick up this particular  brand, there are a few other natural, coconut oils to choose from.

The difference between whole kernel and white kernel (traditional brands) coconut oils

The difference between the “white kernel” and “Whole kernel” is that the whole kernel would include the brown membrane that separates the kernel from the shell. This membrane has a higher content of unsaturated fatty acids. 

natural lip balms


Natural Lip Balm – $3

Would you believe that in the 1880s the first commercially manufactured lip balm in the United States was a wickless candle wrapped in tinfoil? Dry lips need comfort too, but you want to opt for a natural lip balm that is not overly harsh on your skin. Too many products on the market contain parabens, synthetic fragrances and petroleum-based ingredients that dry skin out, which only causes us to continue applying the product, repeating the tedious cycle.

Make sure you are picking a quality, pure natural lip balm.  The ingredients should be all natural and aid in moisture to make sure lips are extra soft.



conditioners under $10

This is a must especially for natural hair in the winter. These conditioners can be used for co-washing, a leave-in and even a styling product.

You can check out most of the products listed above on amazon or even at your local store.

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