Oprah's Natural Hair Controversy

There’s even more natural hair controversy swirling around on the blogosphere. Oprah debuted her natural hair on this month’s the cover of O Magazine (to hit stands Aug 7 ). But some people are hating saying that they don’t believe it’s her real hair.

On People Style Watch, readers sounded OFF…

Hmmm interesting. Personally, I think her hair looks pretty good on the cover.  Its full, thick and looks like a natural curl pattern to me. I know rich celebs have their super wigs and indivisible weave, but I don’t really understand why she would lie. She’s OPRAH, she doesn’t have to lie…

In the past, I think its been pretty obvious that she’s worn a wig or weave, but SO WHAT. Alex and I wear wigs all of the time and I used to be a religious weave wearer even though I had “long” hair.

Just for fun here are a few pics of Oprah’s hair evolution over the years:



Oprah in 1984. Lovin’ the TWA!

WHAT?! Get it Oprah!

I’m sure everyone else’s hair looked like that too

Oprah’s 90s hair

I call this Oprah’s “Rachel” hair cut

Oprah’s infamous Tina Turner wig

The classic Oprah curls

Oprah in braids

Oprah’s bob she wore for the Obama interview

Oprah’s pressed hair

The now INFAMOUS first pic of Oprah’s natural hair

Oprah’s hair now.

Picture Source

What do y’all think about the controversy? Publicity stunt? Do you think Oprah is being genuine and people are just hating?


  • CC says:

    Considering the fact that she is known to wear a press n curl when she wears her own hair and who her personal stylist is, I reckon she must have some heat damage. That would explain the difference in how her hair looks 😉

  • keepingitreal says:

    There’s nothing about Oprah which is real other than her love for money and to be notice!!!

  • Diana says:

    I cannot believe my people are still so hung up on hair! It saddens me that some consider that the extent of beauty. Are we saying everyone who loses their hair battling cancer is automatically ugly. Let it go. We don’t protest when white celebrities wear extensions, wigs, etc. They have been doing it for centuries way before we could afford it! Let it go, love you!!!!!!!!

  • Starling says:

    I think it’s her hair. Everyone has flaws, and I don’t think Oprah became a journalist in order to fade into the background; it’s her gift, and I refuse to deny her praise. Additionally, if you’ve ever seen pictures of Oprah when she was a little girl, it is clear that she has always had thick, long tresses. When she was sporting her relaxed styles, of course it looked thinner; that’s what relaxers do. They break down all the good stuff that grows naturally from our roots. To tear down prominent African Americans who are out there representing our culture in a positive way is an attack of self.

  • TMW says:

    Its her hair, its a twist out. We have simliar grades of hair (I just can’t afford all of the fancy stylist stuff) and many moons ago when it was 100% natural it would look like her’s does in the two afro photos. If I used a blow dryer to dry it, it would look like her does in the photo with the white jesery and orange head band. Finally if I braided while wet with dippty doo (that is what we used back in the day)on it and let it dry braided, once I “took it down” it looked like it does for in the last picture you posted. Mystery solved everyone.

  • Louise says:

    This is a sad conversation and it unfortunately speaks loudly about the state of mind of many black folks in this country. I don’t have to like Oprah, but there is no way I am not going to respect a black woman who has built an empire of $3 billion dollars. The debate about Oprah’s hair is about as irrelevant and in poor taste as are the demeaning tweets about Gabby’s hair.

    • joanne says:

      AMEN! I just turned 58 this week and it distresses me deeply to see that we are still having this same “good hair-bad hair” “it’s her’s, no it’s not” conversation. And one more thing,let the tweet — Ms Gabby Douglas is going to be just fine. The cereal box is just the start of what will be an amazing journey.

  • Linda says:

    I don’t think that’s Oprah’s hair either, but it looks really good on her. What bothers me however is the dishonesty. I think she and others should proudly say “yes, it’s mine cause I bought it” and be done with it. I don’t like that black female celebrities try to look hispanic or biracial instead of showing our young black females the pride and strength of being black and the beauty of black hair. I think the two ALWAYS go hand-in-hand. There is no shame in black and they’d serve our young people well by presenting that.

    • Diana says:

      I don’t know of one human alive who is 100% honest without question so I am not ging to address that issue. If we are to examine the so called need for black women to look “hispanic or biracial”, we as african american women are not 100% black and not by our choosing that is why we come in such a variety of shades of our beautiful black. I find it a bit of an insult to believe that a black woman who wants long hair also does not want to be black. Some black women do have naturally long black hair and it too grows if differnet textures. To make this type of statement is what makes little black girls think they have to be something other than black to have long hair.

      • JA says:

        well black from the the continent of africa do come in diffrent shade to so your explaining doesnt work.
        i know nigerians that are dark or are light. i know women from brazil (South america) who has straight hair

  • Marjie says:

    It looks like to me that she had her hair pressed, had some braids put in and then took them out…. I mean that’s what my hair looks like when I do that, not as nice obviously because I don’t have a team of stylist but… I don’t know… Who honestly cares? I spend enough time worrying about my own personal agendas to spend any thinking about Oprah’s or anyone else’s for that matter… HEALTH OVER HAIR 🙂

  • kellie says:

    It’s a braid out on blown out hair. Looks real enough to me because I have the same hair texture(4c) and that’s what mine looks like when it is blowdried, cornrowed, and then taken down… which is waist length. What’s not natural about that?

  • Lady Lex says:

    Anyone who has natural hair knows that there are days that your hair looks like Color Purple and days a twist out shines… that’s crazy that folks would question it. Our hair is so diverse. Also… where’s Andre? He needs to update his book. *side eye*

  • Phyllis says:

    Even if it’s fake/paid for hair, it’s still…her hair, just like the partial in my mouth are ‘my teeth’. God knows I paid enough for the damn thing.

  • Felicia says:

    I was just disappointed that this was even news. Who cares?

    • Gillian says:

      Yeah, I think the fact that there’s a controversy says more about the larger society than it does about Oprah.

  • alexandria says:

    haha! great commentary ladies. I just loved the fact oprah was always switching up her hair. I also liked the fact that she too didn’t feel so comfortable with having just natural hair.

  • Nicole says:

    Not sure if any of you saw the episode of the Oprah show when Chris Rock was on there…he actually questioned on air if it was hers & she let him test it out & he confirmed that it was real. And if any of you have seen pics of her as a little girl, her hair was long & thick then, it’s just she’s cut it so much over the years when her natural hair finally comes through people can’t believe that it’s hers. Maybe because they can’t get their hair that long, I’m not really sure, but it really upsets me that there are so many jealous women in this world. Why can’t we build each other up instead of trying to find issues in EVERYONE who is a success?

  • Shana Curtis says:

    Are we really that SHALLOW!!! It’s hair????

  • Treasure says:

    What is the big deal about her hair? She can do whatever she wants. I really don’t understand why she’d need to lie to a bunch of folks that don’t even know her. She probably just felt like wearing only her hair. What’s the big deal people? Geeeeeez!!!

  • Lola says:

    I went to school with Oprah and that is ALL HER HAIR. She has very thick hair and it can go any way she wants it too. Having money to have people work on it is a blessing for her because it was so thick and nappy. I love her many changes.

  • alexandria says:

    Ladies you all make valid points. Amazing to see Oprah felt like the rest of us with her hair as well. Regardless, she is one to switch it up!

  • Monica says:

    Oprah has a texturizer – that is not her true curl pattern. Oprah has said that and even has video of her getting a perm/texturizer.She has said that she means her hair without any heat styling

  • Monica says:

    Oprah has a texturizer – that is not her true curl pattern. Oprah has said that and even has video of her getting a perm/texturizer.She means her hair without any heat styling

  • Robin says:

    Do we really have to be so hung up on hair and even on Oprah. Like her or not, she has set goals for herself and she worked her behind off to attain them. I am proud that Oprah is a black woman. We dis’ Gabby, who is an amazing young woman, we dis’ Oprah…who’s next? Will it be or has it been, our fabulous First Lady Michelle Obama? I pray not! I pray we can stop the negativity and criticizing and just be happy for our Sisters and Brothers!

  • Kimberly says:

    WHO REALLY CARES! What’s the big deal… everybody does what they want and say whatever they want to about whatever, so what’s the difference? Again, who really cares, just do you!

  • Rika says:

    If any of you knew anything about natural hair that is pressed often you would know it is easy to achieve those types of waves even if your hair is what people call “nappy or kinky”. I have 4b natural hair and just achieved this same look the other day with one week old straightened hair braided back and taken out the next week!

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