Easy Styles for Short to Mid Length Hair

I don’t have long hair. Even if I did, I have some serious shrinkage so it would take forever to be considered “long hair.” There aren’t a lot of styles that are for the girls whose hair is in between being long and short. And the few styles that do work for us are not for the conducive to maintaing your hair while working out.

I was happy to see this style of BGLH. In the video, there are 4 Gorgeous & Easy Styles for Short to Mid-Length Natural Hair. I want to highlight – Style #1 –  the Short Updo Style. I love this style! This is great for all hair types. Try this style after a serious workout.

Relaxed/ Transitioning Alternative

If you have relaxed or transitioning hair, try this alternative. Pull back your hair and put into a loose French roll with bobby pins, claw clip or a pony tail. If you are at the gym, you can quickly curl the front of your hair with curlers, flat iron or hot (steam) curlers. Make sure dab a bit of oil and heat protection on before.

Got a Roller Set? Try This …

If you have ruined your roller set by working out here is a quick solution. Smooth the back of your hair loosely into a claw clip. Still keep the front of your hair styled with curls moved to the front or side.

Loves it!!!




The Sloppy Updo