Beginner Triathlete Training Plan

So you’ve decided that you want to try a triathlon. Great!  Proper training is key to your success.  There is a great resource out there for beginner triathletes called . It’s got all of the basics you need from learning about triathlon basics to simple training plans to get you started.

There are free plans for every type of triathlon you want to compete in. These are a great starting point. After you master these plans, then it’s time to get into customizing your plan to work on your weaknesses. That’s where triathlon coaches come in. Alex and I have the greatest coach ever, Iron Mary!  You can check her out here.

If you’re starting from not working out at all, I would recommend a short, basic workout for 2 weeks or so before getting into training. Something like 30 min a day, 4 days a week on the elliptical, lifting light weights, walking, etc.  in order to build your fitness level.  Here are a few plans for you to choose from:

Couch to 5K

3 mile run


Sprint Tri

0.5mile Swim | 13mile Bike | 3.2mile Run


Olympic Distance Tri

0.93mile Swim | 24.8mile Bike | 6.2mile Run


Half Iron Man

1.2mile Swim | 56mile Bike | 13.1mile Run


Iron Man

2.4mile Swim | 112mile Bike | 26.2mile Run


Happy Training!



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