Beyonce’s 22-Day Revolution Plan | PROS & CONS

Recently Beyoncé made a big announcement on Good Morning America. She opened up about her vegan/ plant based diet and her partnership with the 22-Day RevolutionThe 22-day Revolution focuses on the notion that you can make or break a habit within a three-week time span. The Revolution focuses on a plant based diet,  30 minutes of exercise and additionally offers Vegan nutrition options and delivery service.

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While earlier this year, Beyonce announced her partnership with nutritionist and exercise physiologist Marco Borges, the focus of her GMA interview was discussing her struggle with her weight, the benefits of Veganism and  how this program was responsible for her weight loss, tighter skin and overall being.

If your considering joining the 22-Day Revolutions, you might want to look at the Pros and Cons. Registered Dieting for , offers a few pros and cons of the 22-Day revolution.

PROS & CONS |Beyonce’s 22-Day Revolution Plan

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  1. Eating Targeted Food Groups. As a rule of thumb, avoiding processed foods and increasing plant-based foods in your diet has been shown to improve a variety of health issues such as cholesterol levels and reduce risk of developing chronic diseases.
  2. Easily Available.The meal delivery option takes all the work out of it for the client. This makes it easy if you don’t have the time or knowledge to figure out exactly what you should be eating every day.
  3. Healthy Balance of Foods.Includes a healthy balance of unrefined carbs, plant based protein and heart healthy fats.
  4. Motivational. Following a very structured diet for 22 days could serve as a great kick starter to motivate those who want to change their eating habits.



  1. Expensive! To stick with their meals and products exclusively is going to require some cash, as it is quite expensive.
  2. Long Term Commitment. In terms of kick starting healthy eating habits, this sometimes takes several months of commitment and/or  additional support of an expert.
  3. Lack of Personalized Treatment. Meeting nutrition needs on a vegan diet is possible, but takes work. As a dietitian, when a client informs me they are vegan, I immediately inquire about certain essential nutrients that plants may not be adequate in providing, like B12 and iron. This often times warrants a supplement. Unless you are working 1-on-1 with an expert or have the time and resources to research on your own, how do you know what and how much to supplement?

If you’re ready to take going the 22-Day revolution, you can check out the website and also some of our Vegan recipes on the site. Don’t want to jump into the 22-day plan? Check out our 30-day Veg challenge we did last year for tips, ideas and motivation.

Beyonce’s Announcement on Good Morning America – Vegan and 22-Day Revolution 



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