Monisha's Minute: #30DayVeg Rule Breaking Already?

I love food

Everyone has a relationship with the food. It affects what we eat, how we eat, and the effort we put into eating. I’m always reminded of my relationship with food every time I decide to modify my eating habits. The #30DayVeg challenge is the first food modification challenge I have done in about two years.

My normal food choices include meat. However for the #30DayVeg challenge I’ve decided to follow the vegetarian dietary guidelines. I have decided to keep eggs and dairy in my life for the time being.

As I type this I’m wrapping up Day 2. My meal selections for the day are below:

#30DayVeg Moe Day2

Breakfast: Vanilla protein shake made with 2% milk

Lunch: Spinach salad with mandarin oranges, strawberries, mixed nuts, tomato basil feta cheese, and diced mushrooms, and honey ginger dressing

Snack: Banana

Dinner: Corn Flakes, 2% milk, and a cutie orange

Interestingly, whenever I modify my diet or fast, I notice how my relationship with food connects with my relationship with people. I feel my greatest challenge during this #30DayVeg challenge is going to be allowing myself to be held accountable just as much as I am willing to hold someone accountable. I hear people all the time say phrases like “That’s my accountability partner” or “I really like Jane Doe, she holds me accountable.” But the truth of the matter is being held accountable doesn’t feel good all of the time. Sometimes people have to call you out on what you’ve done or what you’re doing and it doesn’t feel great. It’s just Day 3 and I’ve already borderline went off on Alex when she’s called me out.

Episode 1: For some odd reason that I can’t think of I thought vegetarians could eat tuna. Alex said “No ma’am, you can’t eat that!” I wanted to hang the phone up in her face. “No, fish!? You do realize you’re telling a person with Creole roots they can’t eat seafood right?” Alex then said “No, that’s a pescatarian Moe.” “A what!? This is nonsense Alex!” But then I realized how simple I was acting about something so small. In addition, I tried to make an excuse for my desire because of my culture. It was time for a heart check. Now I can take this to a deeper level and turn this into a devotional but I’ll keep that for my journal. LOL.

But I d want to share this tofu nugget of wisdom (since I can’t eat meat): with food and with life, people often use their upbringing or past experiences as an excuse to break or bend rules and guidelines. Sometimes because they don’t want to change and other times they don’t know how to change. There are also times when folks are afraid to change, fearing what people will think of them or do to them. The truth is I can live the next 30 days without partaking in seafood. But since I enjoy seafood, I don’t want to. I processed the true purpose of my resistance and I would love to admit I got it together right then in that conversation. I didn’t. We had an episode 2 this week and it involved crawfish! You’ll have to tune into next week’s Monisha’s Minute for the look but don’t touch type of convo we had!

Love, Peace, and Sweat,

Monisha R.

Monisha I. Randolph is a Senior Contributing Blogger for Sporty Afros. Founder of Runner’s Revelations, Monisha is a RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach  specializing in running clinics and training programs for beginner runners. She’s also the author of Runner’s Revelations: How Running Changed My Walk. To learn more about Monisha  please visit Follow her on Twitter @RunRevelations and join the Runner’s Revelations Fan Community on Facebook.



  • Melanie Goodman says:

    I really loved your post. I loved when you mentioned how people use their upbringing or situations as crutches that keep them from moving forward with goals, aspirations and dreams or whatnight.

    My husband and I are about to embark on a 30 day fruit/ vegie detox. He keeps telling me that I am not going to be down for the cause but I am so serious and dedicated to this lifestyle change. I had always jogged and lived a semi healthy lifestyle but when I got married I really fell off. I have maintained my weight for the most part but I feel like I have/had lost a part of me when I fell of the band wagon with my health and fitness. I did a vision board back in January and health and fitness was one of the things that I wanted to focus on again in my life. I am so inspired by all of the blogs and fb family that are really into this lifestyle. I am interested to see follow your journey. It really inspires me.

  • Treasure says:

    I’ve actually used my background/culture in the opposite way. When I was growing up, my Mom gave us a snack every single night. She was a great stay-at-home cooking type of Mother. But most of those snacks were sweet & rarely popcorn (doused in butter) or potato chips. My Mom’s siblings 7 are all diabetic. We cannot have a family gathering without koolaid and dessert has always been a reward. I’ve embarked on a 28 day low/no sugar challenge just for myself because i need to break those patterns. My workout & eating well lifestyle truly came about from seeing how my family’s diet has contributed to so much illness & other problems.

  • Treasure says:

    Btw, it is Day 18. I have not so much as had a candy bar, mint, or even gum with sugar in it. I’m SO proud of myself! The key is to make it a lifestyle change to where I’m only eating sugar on special occasions 1X per month or less.

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