Simple, Easy and Healthy Meals for Vegans, Vegetarians and Meat Eaters

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Vegan meal plans 101. This is post will be 102 as I added a few extra meals that I have added to my weekly menu.  If you are vegetarian you can substitute diary items as needed. Those who eat fish, chicken or lean beef, you can substitute those items as well.




I picked up a cilantro soup mix at Whole Foods. I followed the instructions on the package except I did not saute the onions. I never follow the instructions word for word. I like to add my own flare.

I added some turnip bottoms, orizo, mixed beans (Whole Foods bulk section), Quron cubed “chicken” and wild rice.



After tasting it, I got a little bit creative and added in some organic “chicken” seasoning (whole foods bulk section), lemon and some fresh herbs from my garden (thyme, sage and rosemary)

Here is the end result! I made a small salad with fresh tomatoes, olive salad (from the olive bar), radishes, basil and salt and pepper. It was really good! The lemon made it very light and perfect for the warm weather.

Don’t steal my recipes now lol 


For the meat eaters Whitney posted her favorite recipes for her  turkey sausage and black bean soup  and her chicken and sausage soup. This was before she became a vegetarian.  I made a vegan version of it using tofu seasoned sausage but I am going to be honest, the sausage sucked!

I did add a little bit more veggies than Whitney’s original recipe. I’m still looking around for a good sausage substitute.  Any suggestions?


 Here is a picture of Whitney’s Healthy Sausage and Chicken Soup.


I am all about adding colorful veggeis when I’m cooking. It makes my meal look so much prettier! I got bored and was too lazy to make vegan tacos again plus I was out of tortillas/wraps.

So I got a little bit of creative…

Who says fajitas have to be filled with only white onions and green bell peppers? 


 It is amazing at how you can arrange your plate to not only be pleasing to the eye but also make it appear to be a lot of food.

Cutting the chicken into various sizes and placing it on top of a bed of  peppers and beans gives the illusion that there is a lot more food on the plate than there really is…


Last week, I showed a sneak peak of this meal above. This is Felafel with a little bit of vegan mayo, grilled eggplant, sautéed spinach and red potatoes.



Who says you can’t have a healthy burger? This is a garden burger in Ezekiel bread with Alexis French fries and steamed veggies.

So tell me what you guys think?

Side Note: I do not spend more than 30 mins cooking any given meal. Everything is made either in a toaster oven, wok or crock pot.  To be frank, I don’t LOVE cooking but I LOVE eating! LOL


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