Whitney's Pressed Hair

The other day I got my hair pressed. Its been an entire year and man has my hair looks a million times better than it did last year.  Check it out.




I didn’t have a 2011 side shot 🙁 But not too shabby for a year and a half…


Unfortunately, the back didn’t fair as well. I lost a lot of length in July 2011 because I had to cut a good 2.5 inches off where my ends were see through. So that year was kind of a wash. But my hair grew back thicker and fuller. This year I am going to focus on my ends. Because they are clearly the problem! I have been on the hunt for some cute protective styles, but last year I fell back to old faithful…my bun. This year is going to be different though! I have YET to find a protective style that I like. They are either too elaborate or too ugly….sorry just keepin’ it real. The only one that I did like was the Janelle Monae….





So I think I am going to try a variation of this. Here are my everyday natural hair style musts:

  • The style is not too time consuming
  • I don’t have to re- twist or braid before bed
  • I can fix it in less than 5 minutes in the morning
  • It doesn’t take long to completely redo
  • It goes with a variety of looks/outfits

As you can tell. I’m not a girl that likes to fuss with my hair. I want it to look good with minimal effort! Although my hair jouney hasnt gone as well as I hoped its not too bad. I plan on taking more pics this year and really working on protecting my ends more. Hopefully next year I can make it to bra strap length. Here’s hoping!




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