Veggie Breakfast Omelet In Minutes

I love breakfast food; however, I do not have much time to cook the way I want in the morning. 5am workouts are enough.With a little bit of planning and preparation, I found a way to have a fresh nutritious breakfast. The key is prepping the night before.  I decided to make an omelet for breakfast.


First, I cut up any veggies I wanted and put them into a container . You can add in protein (meat, like turkey bacon or turkey sausage) but I didn’t want any this particular morning. By cutting the veggies up the night before, it saved me time in my morning routine.  Note: I left out tomatoes because they may dry out or make the other veggies soggy from their juices. I waited until morning to chop those up and add them to my other veggies.

In the morning, I sprayed the pan and emptied the entire container in pan to saute a bit. After a minute of cooking, I simply add the egg beaters and scrambled.

This isn’t a fancy meal but it’s a fresh and healthy breakfast in minute.


Mhmmmm, looks good huh!?  Oh and FYI- this veggie omelet has a ton of nutrients that aid in hair growth and strength. Check out our previous post about healthy foods that help your hair!

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