Tips for Working Out and Maintaining Colored Natural Hair

Did you notice I colored my hair a few months ago? I have been wanting to color my natural hair for years but was too scared! Ha! I am so glad I finally took the plunge. I love it. After having the color for a few months now, I thought it would be a great time to chat about how I’m maintaining my hair while living an active lifestyle.


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If you thought working out and taking care of your hair is a pain, adding color to your natural hair can cause even more of a headache. Before taking the color plunge, I educated myself about hair color and developed techniques for how to take care of my hair.

Tips for Working Out and Maintaining Colored Natural Hair

Tip #1: Don’t Skip On Nutrition

I can not stress how important nutrition is to your hair growth and also to your entire body. You are what you eat and drink.  Nutrition will be vital to making sure your hair is healthy. A dehydrated body can create bbrittle, unhealthy hair.  A few recommendations to help with hair growth are to increase green veggies, water intake and supplements. I have been using Delta Labs Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins.

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Tips on Working out and Maintaining Colored Natural Hair

Tip #2 : Protect Your Hair 24/7

Your hair needs all the help it can to retain moisture so it’s vital to protect your hair at all times. Utilize satin caps or pillow cases at night. Don’t forget to protect your hair during the day as well. You can take a look at several of our hair styles and tips on our Youtube channel.


Tip #3: Schedule Regular Protein Treatments

Make sure you incorporate protein treatments to help strengthen hair and decrease breakage. There are different types of protein treatments that you can choose from such as a natural DIY treatment with eggs or a weekly restoring treatment. I use hydratherma protein balancing conditioner for my hair and love it.  It’s a protein treatment for all textures. It also does not make your hair hard like most traditional protein treatments. Protein treatments will be critical to strengthen, repairing and decreasing damage as you’re working out.


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Bonus Tip #4: Change Hair Products to  Color-Friendly Moisturizing Products

I highly recommend switching your entire production stash when you have colored hair. Your hair becomes much dryer and often your texture changes a bit as well. As a result of the color, don’t be surprised if your old styling products are to heavy, light or drying.  Some of you may find you need hair products for your particular hair color (i.e. blonde, red, etc.) as well such as shampoo for color treated hair.

I use the entire TGIN system  Yes, the ENTIRE LINE.  I originally only used a few products from the line once week, but when I started using all of the products together, it made a huge difference.  I pay special attention to the colored treated parts and add the daily moisturizing butter to it every other day for to ensure my coils are replenished.  I recommend starting with their sample package or  purchase the shampoo, conditioner and daily moisturizer if you’re on a really tight budget.

Want to know more of my tips and details on maintaining colored treated natural hair while working out? Check out my latest YouTube video.


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