Simple and Affordable Meal Prepping Ideas For the Sporty Afros’ Sexy Summer Shred Challenge!

We are a few days into the Sporty Afros’ Sexy Summer Shred Challenge! Woohooo!

One of the hardest parts of getting into shape and losing weight revolves around a person’s diet. I love meal prepping because it tends to removes many of the unhealthy eating choices. It’s simple, affordable and answers the “What’s for dinner question?”

Here is a look at my meal prep for week one of the #sportyshred challenge. I also included a few other meal prepping options from my friends.


meal prep alex full details

Note: Seitan isn’t clean. I saw it on sale and totally forgot it contains a lot of processed wheat. My fault!


Here are a few other ideas for meal prepping.

Karen Armour – Dietitian and My Saturday Long Run Buddy!

meal prepping karen 2Karen is all about nutritional balance and proper fueling as a dietitian and marathoner. Her  first meal is a mixture of spicy ground turkey on top of a brown rice/quinoa mixture. (She ran out of room to separate the meat and whole grain.) The other meal is a mixture of veggies and thin pasta with sauce. She also has a variety of fruit and nuts for snacks as well. 


Alexandria G – The Newest #Fitfriend and Morning Workout Buddy!


alex g meal prepping and working out


Alex is new to meal prepping and wanted to keep it simple. With almost 10 pounds lost in 4 weeks, keeping it simple is paying off in major ways. She either grills or bakes a variety of proteins,  such as chicken and beef and tops them off with a grains and mixed vegetable.  For breakfast she prepares egg omelets and drinks plenty of water though out the day.


Whitney’s Vegetarian Meal Prep

Labeled whitney's meal prep

Earlier this year, Whitney did an awesome post for a vegetarian weekly meal prep. It’s a great meal prep for vegetarians or meat eaters as well. Take a look at the details by clicking here.

I hope these help motivate you in keeping your diet together this week.

Are you a fan of meal prepping?

Let us know and show us your photos too!


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