How I Grew Thick Healthy Hair

I was chatting with a few online friends about hair growth. One person in particular was frustrated with her lack of growth.  It seemed her hair stopped growing and looked as if she had BC’d a few months ago. By the way, she had been natural for 4 years! I understood her frustration and shared my story of when I first attempt to go natural.

In this crazy photo, I was 23 and still in college. I was natural for almost 2 years!! I still had a lot of perm left on my hair. I styled my transitioned hair with small permanent wave rods or wore braid outs.

My hair became really thin and broke off a lot. Stress, lack of nutrition and a few other things also contributed to my hair being thin and horrible! I never considered myself natural because I would still perm my hair from time to time. It was something I just felt I would do while I was in college.

Case in point! I went back to having a perm and lost a lot of my length because I had a head full of dead-ends.

When I decided to BC last year, I was determined to have thick healthy hair. I also did not want to compromise my workouts and training because of my hair. With Whitney as my natural hair guide, I was equipped with more information and support to start my natural hair journey.

So, here are the results thus far.

1 month after BC (Quick Wash and Go) 


6 months of hair growth (Two strand and sides pinned up)

1 year of hair growth (Just a scarf and hair stretched)

1 year and 3 months (The Mane hair style) 

Boo Ya!

The big question is “What did I do this time to achieve my goal?”  Here are the 5 ways I grew thicker healthy hair this time around.

1) Education – I read a lot about the science of hair and the proper way to care for my hair type. I took webinars, read lessons and even studied on what female athletes were doing with their hair.

2) Ayurvedic Hair Care  – I incorporated a lot of ayurvedic oils and powders into my hair regiment.  Whitney’s knowledge in this area rubbed off on me. As I saw the results on her hair from those juices and berries, I eventually tagged along on her regiment. It really made a difference!

3) Vitamins – I take a daily biotin supplement to promote hair growth. Every day all day!

4) Nutrition – Hair growth starts from the inside out. I eat a healthy, balanced diet and I workout 5 days a week. This makes such a huge impact on hair growth.

5) Moisture – Due to my hair type, my hair dries out like water in the dessert sun. I moisturize all day every day. Thus as many of you know is how and why I developed the G+ spray.

1 Year and 4 months (The puff and stuff hair style)

I still have a long ways to go to achieve my ideal length, but so far I must say I am proud of what I have accomplished. My hair is very healthy and thick. I often am stopped at the gym and allow many ladies to play around with my hair. It let’s me know I am doing something right!  Ha! I don’t mind because it allows me to share what I have done and products I use. It has been a journey but these 5 steps have really made the difference this time around.


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