Alex's New Do: The Blow Out – The Process, Hair Care and Styling Tips

This weekend, I had a discussion with a guy friend about “nappy hair.” While we don’t agree on natural hair styles, he did cause me to reconsider my own hair styles and try a few new ones.

So I took a plunge and had my mom (a professional hair stylist) do my first blow out. Here is what she did:

Note: I have had a simple approach to my hair care regimen and maintained  heat-free styling for almost 4 years!


Blowout on alex hair (1)


Step #1 – Cleanse: First, I washed my hair with Deva Curls No Poo Shampoo which helped loosen and detangle my curls. It was my first time using the line and I liked it the results.


Blowout on alex hair (2)


Step #2 – Hydrate/Condition: Next, I conditioned my hair using the  DevaCurls one conditioner. I washed it out, sprayed my hair with some Sporty Afros G+ spray  and added another dab of conditioner.


Blowout on alex hair (3)

Step 3 & 4 Prep and Style: My mom prepped my hair with a heat protecting spray. I have no idea what brand she used but it was a light product that worked well.

She parted my hair into sections and began blow drying it with a ceramic blow dryer. Since my hair is very thick, a ceramic blow dryer helped minimize heat damage, frizz and left my hair much cooler than a traditional blow dryer.  I loved my mom’s blow dryer so much that I ended up buying the same one.



Blowout on alex hair (6)


I love it! It’s not completely bone straight but it highlights my facial features and texture. It’s a lot of hair, isn’t it?!!!


Blowout on alex hair (5)


I am glad this look fits my personality. It framed my face nicely. I’m happy that I had my hair professionally shaped in the past!


Blowout on alex hair (4)

Blow Out Hair Care Tips

  • Detangle hair prior to blow out
  • Don’t forget to condition and hydrate your hair
  • Ensure hair is trimmed and shaped
  • Invest in a light heat protecting spray or serum
  • Use a ceramic blow dryer to minimize frizz and heat damage
  • Flat twist your hair at night to keep hair stretched and protected
  • Lightly moisturize your ends with a serum or oil to decrease damaged ends

Recommend: Go to a professional for your first blow out. I learned a lot from my mom (who is also a professional stylist). I love the results, but I dread doing it again myself. It’s so much work!



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