Workout Hair Care Solution: Alex's Kicking Knots and Kurls

If you are following me on Instagram , you have seen a major change in my hair in the last few months. I have been wearing bantu knots and large curls. Here are a few photos of my various curls…

instagram alexandria curls bantu


Most of you didn’t know, I was testing out a new workout hair care solution style for a few months with various products and hair tools. I finally  took a few photos of the process now that it has my approval, here is a simple yet effective hair style.


Workout Hair Care Solutions kickin knots alexandria


Here are the steps-by-step directions to the latest  Workout Hair Care Solution: Alex’s Kicking Knots and Kurls

  1. Before working out, preferably overnight, twist hair into small bantu knots around your head. Secure with hair pins not bobby pins. Here is an article on the different between hair pins and bobby pins.  If you have questions on how do bantu knots google bantu knots.
  2. Secure head with a wrap. You can add an extra cap on top if you want to hide the wrap.
  3. Get ya workout on!
  4. Once finished working out, remove hat or wrap and let hair dry.
  5. Spray your hair G+ Spray to replenish moisture, if dry. Do not take down knots yet. Use this time to get dressed and put on make up. (NOTE: You can use a diffuser on hair to help speed up process. I don’t recommend doing this all the time. If using additional heat, make sure to add a heat protector.)
  6. After hair is 80-90% dry, put a quarter size of your favorite oil in your hand and rub hands together. I am using Sporty Afros Ayurvedic oil.
  7. Begin unraveling knots. Do not separate yet.
  8. Once all the knots are unraveled, begin separating them in sections all over until you have your desired look.
  9. Use hair and bobby pins to hide sections that didn’t curl all the way or to part and hold hair back.

There you go!

This is great for any hair texture. I am natural but this is also a simple solution for women who have pressed and/or permed hair.

Don’t let you hair stop you from working out in the new year.



Quick hair care workout


Products I recommend using on my hair texture and style for holding are:

There you go! No excuses in letting your hair stop you from working out.


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