How to Deal with Pressed Hair While Working Out

Last week, I got my hair pressed for my BF’s birthday. I really didn’t want to, but that’s what my boo wanted and of course I have soft spot for him…

Although my hair has grown a bit since the last time I straightened it, my ends were super raggedy. Case and point..

Here is another angle

See what I mean? My hair looks thicker in December 2010 because I straightened it myself and it was still super fluffy. This time, I went to professional and she had to take a hot comb to it… I don’t think I’ll go to someone else again though. I didn’t really like the way she handled my hair. She was SUPER rough with it. I almost took the comb out of her hands!

When she was blow drying it, I noticed that my hair had a TON of single strand knots. I was perplexed…. and then when she straightened it you could see how those knots wreaked havoc on my hair..  I had split ends, knots, broken ends. It was a mess.

Needless to say I had to get my ends cut so I lost about an inch and a half  but it HAD to be done. I think the knots were caused by wearing my hair in wash and go styles so often. My ends were left exposed and suffered the consequences. I’m working on a new protective styling routine. I’ll post about it soon.

Whenever I press my hair, I try different things to try and keep it manageable while working out. None of my alternate ideas worked so I went back to old faithful, a wrap.  Here is my frizzy hair right before I worked out.


It’s Dallas, and after 10 – 12 hours of running around town, sweating in 100 degree heat and being out in humid air it does a number on pressed hair. Here are the tools I used to wrap it. A paddle brush, bobby pins and a black silk scarf.

I generally wrap my hair going to the right. I don’t know why, it just seems to lay down better that way. I wrap my hair around my head using the paddle brush and securing it with bobby pins as I go.

Hot huh? Then I put on my black scarf

I look like a gangsta..

Ok I’m done…

Off to workout. After I’m done working out, I wait for my hair to dry completely before I take it down. This prevents further frizzing.

See, it looks better after my workout than it did before!

My Nighttime Routine:

If it is frizzy from being out in the humidity all day I’ll add a little argan oil and heat protector over it and lightly run my flat iron over it. Unfortunately, my hair gets so frizzy that I cant just wrap it with no heat. I really try and use the flat iron sparingly though.

Then, I pin curl it in big chunks, like so…

Then, I wrap my silk scarf over it and go to sleep. In the morning, I take the pin curls down and it turns out like this..

What do you do to keep your press while working out?

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